Jennifer Lawrence BAFTA hair – slicked back sleek

Silver Linings Playbook actress and BAFTA winner pairs Dior gown with slicked back shiny hair

Jennifer Lawrence took heed of the British weather and opted to slick back her hair for the BAFTA red carpet, avoiding frizz and errand droplets ruining her look.

Arriving snuggled rather sensibly in a black overcoat with just the hint of the pale pink Dior gown underneath, Jennifer appeared unphased by the rain, perhaps thanks to her weather-appropriate hair style.Jennifer's slicked back hair style showed off her collar line ©Getty

Walking a fine line between ‘needs a wash’ and ‘intentionally slicked back’, Jennifer’s hair gave the impressed of an up do (a big trend on the red carpet), keeping her neckline clear and showing off her smokey eye makeup and dazzling triangle drop earrings.

We have to admit, though, a little dry shampoo might not have gone amiss, especially after walking the rainy red carpet gauntlet.

She wasn’t the only star to go for a sleek look, Sarah Jessica Parker traded in her usual curls for a super sleep straightened look, parted in the middle and impossibly shiny, thanks to official BAFTA Stylist Charles Worthington.Sarah Jessica Parker's hair was impossibly shiny despite the rain ©Getty

Another trend noted at this year’s Baftas was the return of the sideswept hair, with both Thandie Newton and Jessica Chastain both going for this style.

Thandie curled her black locks into tight ringlets to match her lace Louis Vuitton dress, while Jessica’s flame-coloured hair was softly waved and contrasted beautifully with her stunning bright blue Roland Mouret gown.Jessica and Thandie both went for side swept hair styles ©Getty

Plus of course, there was the highlight of the night hair wise in 67-year-old Helen Mirren’s appearance with a bubble-gum coloured bob.

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