The health benefits of cranberries

Superpower cranberries

You may already know that cranberries are the natural way to treat - and prevent cystitis and kidney infections, but research is revealing that they have added health benefits too.

Scientists now know that cranberries can also help boost your immune system and detox your body, as well as giving you a healthy blast of vitamin C.

Eat cranberries for immunity:

Research from the University of Florida suggests that regularly drinking cranberry juice for two months results in fewer symptoms of colds and flu, and an improved immune system.

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Eat cranberries to help your detox:

Cranberry juice is a natural way to provide your body with necessary antioxidants. Research shows that rather than taking supplements, your body will benefit more from the natural antioxidants found in cranberries, which are vital for cleansing the body and maintaining cellular health.

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Eat cranberries to cure a urine infection

Consume one serving of dried cranberries or a glass of cranberry juice every day for two weeks, and you'll find your incidence of urine infections is reduced for up to six months after. Why? Compounds found in cranberries prevent bacteria from sticking to the bladder wall, thus decreasing the chance of infection, according to a study from Jeffrey Blumberg at Tufts University.

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