Has Kate Middleton inspired an expensive Christmas? Sapphires shoot to the top of wish lists thanks to her infamous engagement ring

The Duchess of Cambridge's sapphire and diamond engagement ring has inspired many women to dream of sapphires under the tree this year

From hairstyles to outfits and even birthing plans - it seems there's nothing the 'Kate Middleton effect' doesn't touch.

Kate Middleton's sapphire and diamond engagement ring has sent the stone soaring up Christmas wish lists In fact, such is the pull of the Duchess of Cambridge's chic style that many households could find themselves with a pricey Christmas on their hands, if new reports are anything to go by.

Thanks to Kate and the oval sapphire engagement ring surrounded by 14 diamonds that Prince William presented her with - the late Princess Diana's ring - sapphires have seen a huge boost in popularity.

So much so it seems diamonds are no longer a girl's best friend, with sapphires being high up on scores of Christmas wish lists this year.

Perhaps due to the Duchess being under even closer scrutiny that usual this year what with the birth of the Royal Baby, 73 per cent of women revealed they're dreaming of sapphires under the Christmas tree this year.

Classic pearls were next on their jewellery must-have list - another favourite of the Duchess of Cambridge.

It seems being 'more unique than other styles of jewellery' was the reason behind the sapphire lust, with many admitting they just wanted to copycat Kate's stunning engagement ring.

Kate Middleton's style - including her jewellery it seems - is loved the world over [Rex] Ali O’Neill, of comparejewellery.com who conducted the study, said: “As for the Kate Middleton effect - it seems that she may be having more of an effect on the jewellery industry than many realise!

"Her engagement ring was cited by many as the main reason behind why they’d like jewellery containing sapphire for Christmas, suggesting that she has thrust the blue stone into popularity above the all-powerful diamond.”

So it looks as though it could be a pricey Christmas for many, with the type of stone or style of jewel us girls would most like to get this Christmas as follows:

1)      Sapphire- 45 per cent

2)      Pearl- 40 per cent

3)      Diamond- 38 per cent

4)      Cubic Zirconia- 35 per cent

5)      Ruby- 27 per cent

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