Fun family recipe: Caterpillar sandwich

Recipe of this day: Why not make kids’ lunchboxes more exciting with this funny food idea?

Make picnics fun and exciting with this delicious and funky sandwich idea.

Caterpillar sandwich recipe

Fun family recipe: Caterpillar sandwich [MU/Brazen PR]Ingredients:

1 loaf of brown bread

1 apple

2 olives (eyes)

½ cucumber (feet)

½ vanilla pod (for the ears)

Mu Mature Cheddar - sliced

Egg mayonnaise

Lettuce leaf for the caterpillar to eat

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1. Make sandwiches from the egg mayonnaise and MU Mature Cheddar (your favourite fillings can also be used)

2. Cut them out with a round cutter (this will make the body of the caterpillar)

3. Cut the cucumber into ¼ slices (this will make the legs)

4. Cut the apple in half from top to bottom and decorate with a smiley face using vanilla pods, olives and red pepper

5. Arrange the cut sandwiches on a plate and then place the cucumber legs at the base of each sandwich

6. Finish with the face and a garnish of lettuce

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