Saturdays Frankie Sandford becomes Mind’s mental health ambassador

Pop singer opens up about depression experience as she becomes the youngest ever representative for the charity

Frankie Sandford has become the youngest ever ambassador for mental health charity, Mind. 

The 24 year old Saturdays singer has been happy to open up about her experience with depression and gives Mind a more accessible role model for young people who struggle with mental health issues.Saturdays Frankie is the youngest Mind ambassador ever

Frankie said: “Mind is a fantastic charity that does so much to support anyone living with a mental health problem.

“I have got to know the charity over the last few months and am really pleased and proud to have been invited to be an ambassador.

“ There is still so much stigma and fear around mental health and I hope that by being an ambassador for Mind I can help raise awareness and get people talking about something that affects one in four of us.”

Frankie spoke at length about her battle with depression in an interview with Glamour magazine, six months after being hospitalised at the end of 2011.

She revealed that it had taken her years to ask for help and that she didn’t account many of her symptoms to depression.

“I used to stay in bed a lot; I had no motivation. I thought I was being lazy. And I think my parents just thought I was taking it easy, because I'd been working really hard.”

To kick off her support for Mind, Frankie and Prizeo are offering a two-day trip to Alton Towers with Frankie and queue jump passes. Follow the prize on Twitter with #RideWithFrankie.

If you feel you may be suffering with depression or another mental health concern, head to the Mind website for help.