My Food - New Body diet plan review

My Food  - New Body diet plan review

My Food is a home delivery diet plan – seven days’ worth of food is sent straight to your home or work, providing everything you need to eat healthily for the week. They offer various different plans depending on whether you want to lose weight, turn fat into muscle or give your body and skin an overhaul. We trialled the New Body plan, which claims to help you lose weight and feel revitalised.

How does it work? The plan is based on a 600 calorie reduction of the average energy requirements for a 65kg woman with low activity (based on the Dietary Reference Values defined by Department of Health). The standard plan provides an average of between 1200-1300 calories per day whereas the large plan provides an average of 1950 calories per day. If you don’t do very much exercise, a calorie controlled diet of 1200 cals should still help you lose weight and feel better.

The menu The New Body plan provides all three daily meals, without any snacks (they suggest keeping vegetables handy if you get peckish – pass the carrot sticks!) Breakfasts are usually Honey Seed Granola served with soya milk, occasionally swapped for some seemingly sugar-free Spiced Fruit Compote or a Tahitian flapjack (the former was not enjoyable, the latter very nice). Lunch varies from Bangkok Salmon and Noodle Salad – the salmon was mushed like tinned tuna – to a very tasty Chestnut Risotto and Vegetable Pickle, to warming Indian Parsnip Soup with Spicy Cashews. The dinner options are similar fare: Moroccan Tagine, Butter Bean and Leek Pie (just a pastry top, no base) or an ‘interesting’ take on Mediterranean Pizza with Crunchy Coleslaw.

Some of the meals were delicious, others really not so much. Obviously they are low in salt, sugar and additives, but they were also lacking in flavour a lot of the time – except for onion, which seemed to have been used to flavour nearly everything. We were often left craving something else, not out of hunger, but just to satisfy our taste buds.

Snacks No snacks were provided.

The positive Having a week’s worth of food delivered takes a lot of the hassle out of dieting, and it was great to not have to worry about planning meals. Some of the meals were delicious and portion sizes were generous, leaving you feeling full. It was also good to eat different meals every day; there is nothing more boring than an all-soup diet, for example. The variety and ingenuity of the meals was commendable.

The negative Some of the meals just tasted plain weird - even for someone with experimental taste, a salad made of leeks and red onion isn’t going to leave a nice taste in anyone’s mouth. It was also tricky having the whole week’s food delivered at once – we would advise getting it sent to your home, because some meals need to be frozen immediately. The lack of snacks was also a problem: even if portions are generous, we still enjoy a little healthy treat mid-afternoon.

Did it work? We felt detoxed and refreshed after one week on the plan: the meals are definitely very healthy and seemed to be doing us good. We lost a few kilograms and felt less sluggish – although lack of flavour in the diet often left us feeling unsatisfied and craving naughty foods! Overall, it is a great idea for people who aren’t great at sticking to diets, because the My Food plan keeps you organised and on track and you don’t have to go shopping!

For more information, visit the My Food website.

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