Black Eyed Peas Fergie won’t ditch the diet even on Christmas day

The slim singer has admitted she won’t be tucking into a turkey roast on the big day, instead opting for low fat options

Singer of the Black Eyed Peas, Fergie, has revealed that her plans for Christmas don’t involve the traditional roast dinner most of us will be enjoying.

Instead, her family tuck into her mum’s famous lasagne. But health-conscious Fergie is keeping an eye on the calories, insisting on a low fat version of the cheesy dish.You don't get abs like Fergie's by pigging out - even on Christmas Day ©Rex

She said: "We're spending Christmas in Los Angeles. My mom will bake her famous lasagne but she makes it special for me with turkey and low-fat ricotta.

It may seem a bit extreme not to ditch the diet even for Christmas day, when most of us throw caution and calories to the wind, but the 37-year-old might be on to something. According to new research, most of us will end up eating the equivalent of half a block of lard on Christmas Day alone!

And if she’s planning on starting a family with husband Josh, who will be enjoying lasagna with the family, then sticking to a healthy diet is the best idea.

Speaking of children, Fergie said this year: "It's definitely something that we're interested in doing. We made no secret of that. We'll be very excited when it happens."

Josh has also hinted the couple could even adopt a child, saying: "I would love to [adopt], especially the more you learn about the kids that are out there that need parents. I am a supporter of adoption."

Will you be throwing out your healthy diet on Christmas Day or do you think it’s important to stay on the wagon? Tell us your menu on Twitter.