My favourite sweet food blogs

Every time I get a craving for a cake, an ice cream or something gastronomic, I turn to food blogs to ease the pain away. Once I see the beautiful photographs, my hunger regains and my cravings go into overdrive.

I am definitely one of those with a very sweet tooth. I like to explore my inner child or go to extra lengths to make something amazing. Food blogs have definitely helped me and I hope the journey I am about to take you on also helps you too, to recreate that inner child in you.

French for Cupcake by Claire

Claire's personal blog is about emerging food with fashion, who says the two can't be mixed together? 'Eat cake, wear nice things, and be comfortable in your own skin'. A motto every woman should follow. Claire takes you on a journey of beautifully handmade cupcakes, using fresh precise measurement of ingredients, and leaving you with that good feeling of your childhood memories.

A Slice of Cherry Pie by Julia Parsons

Julia is a self taught cook, food writer and blogger. She has been writing her food blog since 2006, and founded the UK Food Bloggers Association in 2007. Her style of cooking is traditional hearty and honest English cuisine, designed to feed a family on a budget. She pays homage to a very classic English take on the Eton Mess with White Chocolate Pieces, perfect for the upcoming summer days.

Maison Cupcake by Sarah Trivuncic

Fancy a macaron? Follow Sarah's take on Pink Praline Heart and White Chocolate Macarons, perfect for next year's valentines or for a little one's birthday, or for a 'treat myself'.

Meals in Heels by Jennifer Joyce

Jennifer's motto is 'creating mouth watering dishes and then bringing them to life in photographs'. This London based writer and food stylist has been writing for the past 10 years for some top magazines. Summer is approaching us fast, why not dip into Jennifer's blog and take a taste of the simple Strawberry Granita, easy and ready within four hours. A fruity slush which can be made with any fruit you like, and perfect for the kids.

The Vintage Cake Spot by Jessica Simmons and Camilla Blackie

Jessica creates vintage quintessentially English cakes, creating food with passion and from the heart. Camilla Blackie is a cake-spot photographer, they both scour magazines to find the best loved recipes from the last century. If you like the nostalgia from your childhood, this is the blog to read and enjoy all those wonderful delights they have both found. The classic Victoria Sponge Sandwich is the predominant afternoon tea. Soft, fluffy, and unmistakeably British. One of the most popular on afternoon tea menus across Britain, still used in village fetes and festivals.

The British Larder by Madalene Bonvini-Hamel and Ross Pike

The British Larder was created in 2008 by Madalene and Ross. It's a recipe diary which is written daily, recipes featured are mainly British, their cooking style is contemporary British. The British Larder gives Madalene and Ross the opportunity to write about the food they love and the culinary discoveries they make along the way. Discover how to make Stem Ginger Ice Cream, or Lemon Curd Tarts, or even the famous Salted Peanut Whoopee Pies. You will absolutely love this website, its like you've discovered your new best friend.