What Was Your Favourite Fashion Moment From Mad Men Series 5, Episode 5?

What Was Your Favourite Fashion Moment From Mad Men Series 5, Episode 5!

The latest episode of Mad Men was slightly more Pete Campbell-focused than usual and saw him *spoiler alert!* getting cosy with a call-girl in leopard print lingerie and plastic white accessories. Oo er! So, it looks like there’s a new self-destructive Don Draper character in New York town. Silly Pete, have you seen how gorgeous your wife is?

Cynthia Cosgrove, Megan Draper, Trudy Campbell

Trudy is fast becoming our favourite sartorial watch of the series, what with the psychedelic prints she wore in the first episode to the '50s silhouetted print dresses that add a pop of colour to the more serious Stepford wife look.

This season’s wives club (that consist of the stunning Megan Draper – who FYI, is flatmates with Homeland’s Mrs. Brody, Morena Baccarin – Trudy Campbell and Kenneth’s wife Cynthia Cosgrove) all dressed up for Trudy’s dinner party where we saw bright yellow, florals and an orange psychedelic print from Megan which we loved.

Joan Holloway Harris and Peggy Olson

Peggy, on the other hand, was seen rocking large polka dots and a pleated skirt in the office while Joan wore a teal figure-hugging dress with matching earrings. The office style star has to go to Megan though as we’ve got serious sports luxe envy now thanks to her mustard yellow, black and white zip-up dress.

Although, Grazia Daily need to confess our love for pastels which made us immediately fall for (possible) new character, Jenny, who Pete meets at a Driver’s Ed class whose wardrobe seems to entirely consist of mint greens, pleated midis and pink and white knits. All in all, another amazing, fashion-filled episode of Mad Men.

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