FASHION: Behind the Scenes with La Petite Anglaise!

FASHION: Behind the Scenes with La Petite Anglaise!


How would you describe your style?  I would definitely describe my style as preppy. I like a collar, a pop sock. I'm really girly and I’m not a minimalist. I always see incredibly chic people dressed in black and white looking amazing but personally like colour and print, preferably together and anything fun. With accessories I’m lucky because my mum is a jewelry designer, which is brilliant because I always get to raid her studio. I'm not huge on statement necklaces I prefer charm necklaces and I love a cocktail ring.


What would you say were your must have AW13 items?  A green leather skirt. I saw an amazing one in the Whistles show, they did this green leather matchy matchy look, anything that matches. Obviously lush autumnal colours and I know that pink is huge for autumn, I’m thinking about getting a pink coat. Although my coat collection now takes up half my house.

Where do you get you fashion inspiration from? I've worked out what I like and if I see something that I like, I'll instantly be drawn to it. Obviously over fashion week I will get a lot of inspiration with how they style the shows, but often I'll see a show and be like, I want to be that girl, I want to be that cool skater girl when I’m totally not that girl. I love Kate Spade, with the kitch and fun accessories. People at fashion week obviously inspire me because everyone looks amazing. Also random people, I'm really shameless about asking people where they got their clothes from, on the tube, in starbucks, I always ask.

Do you ever dress out of your comfort zone?  Yes. When I was in Paris a couple of weeks ago. The French wear understated, effortless clothes and I turned up in a luminous pink, floral dress with a bow on the back feeling like a complete fool. A couple of years ago I would’ve hidden in the loos and cried but eventually you think well, that’s my style there’s no point trying to make it something that it’s not. I probably wouldn’t wear a giant pair of glittery wedges in Paris because I would feel like such an idiot. But generally speaking, I do tend to do what I want.

Our #CompanyGrad Harriet interviews Ella in the sunny garden of the photo studio

So which designers are you loving at the moment?  I adore Phillip Lim, I wish I was one of those cool Lim girls wearing all his stuff, aside from the fact that I can’t afford it. I love his accessories too, they’re absolutely amazing. I love Kate Spade, Alice and Olivia, fun girly brands like that. I adore Mulberry and in terms of the big ones that make me think, this is why I love fashion, Chloe and Louis Vuitton.

So you must have been so excited to be wearing Louis Vuitton at the Fashion Monitor Awards 2013? Yes I did a shoot with them in Selfridges and they very kindly dressed me. I never wanted to give that back but sadly I had to let it go.

How did it feel to be shortlisted for fashion blogger of the year at the awards? It was not something that I ever would have imagined happening, it was such an honor especially considering the other bloggers that were nominated. I was very surprised but very, very happy.

Which was your favourite look at the shoot?  I actually really loved all of them. The second one was probably the most obviously me with the pleated skirt and buttoned up shirt. I really liked the one with the Sandro top because it is slightly out of my comfort zone, the whole over-sized sporty thing is really cool, I love wearing different clothes like that. It’s not something I'd normally go for but when you wear it on a shoot you take on a different personality. I felt like Rhianna in that Sandro top.

 Our #CompanyGrads Harriet (left) and Carlee (right) hang out with blogger Ella (centre)

Will you be wearing thigh high boots like the ones in the shoot this season? I will definitely be wearing the thigh high boots. I’ve got a fabulous Duo pair and I will be wearing those until I can wear them no more.

And what will you be teaming them with?  I really like the skinny jean patterned top combination. But I’ll probably be wearing them with anything.

What would you say was the best thing about having your blog?  Everything! I never in a million years, when I randomly decided to give it a go and after never having even read a blog, would have imagined this would happen. It is so much fun. Six months before I started the blogI went to fashion weekend with my mum and I remember just thinking, I wish I was at fashion week, at the real show. People always moan about fashion week about how it is so exhausting but I absolutely look forward to it for months. I really do enjoy all of it, getting to travel and meet designers and people who inspire me.

Do you ever have any down time?  Not at the moment. I'm very bad at saying no to things but it's all fun. This is work technically. At some point I do need to have more of a work life balance. I still have one more year at uni studying fashion history and theory at Central St Martins, it’s fascinating.

How do you fit it all in? That’s incredible!  With difficulty and caffeine!

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to start a blog or take their own blog to the next level?  Persevere. For the first six months I had two followers, my mum and my best friend. Luckily I didn’t give up although I did consider it. Starting a blog now is a lot more difficult from when I started, everyone now knows so much more. Don’t start with the view that you're going to earn money and get free stuff because that will change the way that you do it. Only have a blog if you truly enjoy it because it is a lot of fun and there are amazing opportunities, but it is also quite full on.

Check out the full fashion shoot in our October issue, and visit Ella's gorgeous blog, La Petite Anglaise, here.


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