Why eggs are good for you

fried egg
Eat eggs, get healthy
  1. Eggs are one of the most nutrient-dense foods money can buy. And they're cheap.
  2. Eating eggs provides you with a wide range of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin D (needed for healthy bones and teeth), choline (essential for normal development of the brain and memory), folate (important if you are pregnant or intending to get pregnant), calcium (for healthy bones and teeth), iron and selenium.
  3. Eggs contain the best quality protein including all eight essential amino acids. Two eggs contain 28% of an adult woman's guideline daily amount of protein.
  4. They are not a cholesterol risk. All major UK heart and health organisations have lifted limits on recommended egg consumption, as it's now known that the dietary cholesterol in eggs does not have a signifcant effect on blood cholesterol.
  5. A medium egg contains fewer than 80 calories.
  6. Studies suggest that eating eggs can help cut calorie intake and prevent snacking by keeping hunger pangs at bay.
  7. UK and US studies show that people who ate an egg-based breakfast felt fuller, consumed fewer calories and lost more weight than people eating cereal and bread/pastry-based breakfasts.

Visit www.nutritionandeggs.co.uk for more information on satiety studies regarding eggs.

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