'I dropped 3 sizes with carb control'

Erin Kurt weightloss
Size 10 Erin
And the before shot: size 16 Erin

Erin Kurt, 39, from Berkshire, tells how she re-learned her eating habits to lose weight and increase her energy levels. She is 5ft 3in tall, and weighed 10st 11lb before she started her eating plan.

‘Life's too short to give up carbs but my problem was I ate too many. I’d have toast for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and pasta for dinner. 'My weight gain came to a head when I had my second child, Kaia, now 17 months, and put on two and a half stone, taking me up to size 16. I felt unsexy and mumsy, but looking after Kaia and Emre, five, all day, I had no energy left for exercise.

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‘I work as a parenting and life coach, helping mothers who struggle with their work–life balance, so I thought about how I could lose weight without adding to my to-do list. The answer was a diet delivery service - I signed up for Diet Chef's 1,200 calories-a-day plan and had a hamper of meals delivered to my door. Instantly, eating healthily seemed easier because my carb intake was in somone else's hands. I was also happy not to have to cook separate meals for me and my family. The meals arrived fully prepared, so all I had to do was heat and eat.

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‘It was a real education. The first time I emptied one of Diet Chef's cereal packets, I looked inside twice to check it was empty. It only filled half my bowl - I was used to having a full bowl! I was shocked by the small size of the portion and it started to make sense why I’d put on so much weight - my portion sizes were far too big.

‘It was the same with rice and pasta. I used to fill a third of my plate, but the delivery meals only filled a quarter. I had a small roll for lunch, too, not a big sandwich. In all, my carb intake was halved, yet I felt nicely satisfied after each meal, rather than horribly stuffed like before. 

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‘After three months, I was down from a 16 to a size 12-14. I was so pleased with my progress that I decided to keep going with my new lower-carb regime, and my energy levels felt stable for the first time in years, which meant that I didn't need to snack on toast any more.

‘But the biggest revelation was the boost to my energy. My new way of eating made me feel full of life, so I started working out three times a week. Nine months of exercise and preparing my own meals later, I hit a size 10, and can finally wear the clothes that suit me, rather than just covering up. Now, when I look in the mirror I see the real me.’

Final weigh-in statistics: size 10, weight 8 stone 6lb

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