DISCUSS: Will a campaign to get rid of The Sun’s Page Three topless models actually work?

In 1986, Labour MP, Clare Short famously raised the issue of Page Three topless photos in the House of Commons. She argued that The Sun’s famous glamour model images were degrading for women and provided nothing more than light pornography for male readers. Fair point.

This lead to brutal attacks on Clare from the newspaper; one headline read, “Fat, jealous Claire brands Page 3 porn”. Nice.

Now in 2012, actress and author Lucy-Anne Holmes is on a mission to end the hyper-sexualisation of women in the national press by starting the No More Page Three campaign.

She told The Guardian newspaper, “I just think that in 1970, a group of men, in a male-managed media, in a male-managed country, decided to put the naked breasts of young women in the newspaper, and in 2012, hopefully, we're a different society. Shouldn't we look at that decision again?"

Lucy decided to start her online campaign after picking up a copy of The Sun during the height of Olympic fever. When she opened the paper, page three was covered in images of female Olympians picking up their medals. When she turned to page 13 she realised the topless photo (normally found on page three) had simply been pushed back.

She said, “It made me really sad. It was the biggest female image in that issue, and I think pretty much every issue of [The Sun] for 42 years."

The No More Page Three campaign has its own Twitter and Facebook accounts alongside an online petition on Change.org with over 11,000 signatures. Lucy believes Page Three is “the single biggest thing normalising objectification of women in our country”.

Her supporters argue that 'boobs should not be news' because it makes men view women as purley sexual objects. 

What do you think? Do you support the campaign? 

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