David and Victoria Beckham Pucker Up For The Lakers' Kiss Cam: VIDEO

David and Victoria Beckham Pucker Up For The Lakers' Kiss Cam: VIDEO

Here's a sight to warm our cold fashion hearts: David and Victoria Beckham being all cutsey on the FROW of a LA Lakers yesterday. All together now: awww! The adorable couple were snapped smooching their way through the game, with VB whispering sweet nothings into her hubby's ear or playfully stroking his ridiculously sexy face. Who said love is dead, eh?

As if that wasn't enough to get us girls fawning, the cheeky KissCam caught the pair together, forcing them to lean in for a quick peck. Eeep! Victoria giggled in embarrassment, David turned a  Louboutin-shade of red while the 20,000-strong crowd cheered them on. Good thing their three sons weren't there, eh?

You'll remember when David's hunky ad for his H&M underwear range aired during the Super Bowl earlier this year, his kids were mortified to see their dad's half-naked bod flashed across screens across the land. And, thanks to YouTube, this latest loved-up moment will be repeated again and again and again (at least in the Grazia office) so look away now, boys.

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