Christine Bleakley heads cycling drive for women

Cycling is increasingly popular but some women are still put off getting on a bike for fun or transport by safety concerns

Cycling is enjoying a boom in popularity, thanks in part to two big names from last summer's Olympics - Victoria Pendleton and Laura Trott. And now TV presenter and keen cyclist Christine Bleakley has joined in.

Despite these highly successful lady cyclists raising the profiled of the sport, when it comes down to it, women still only make up a third of the number of journeys made by bike in London, according to TfL.

And throughout the UK it seems that safety is a bigger concern for women, with more than half saying they would cycle if they felt more confident on the roads, while only 33 per cent of men cited this as a worry.

To encourage more women to give cycling a go, Christine, 34, has teamed up with Barclays to present its Cycling in the City campaign, that offers help, tips and advice to wannabe cyclists.

Christine supports safe cycling for everyone ©Rex

Of her own cycling experience Christine said: “As with many things, confidence is all important, and the thought of cycling was a barrier I needed to get past.

"Knowledge and information were key to me: what are the rules of the road; how do I cycle safely; how do I maintain my bike? Simple stuff, but hopefully the Barclays Cycling and the City videos will help share some key information and encourage female cyclists. 

"I now feel much more comfortable riding on busier roads and I love the freedom cycling gives me.”

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