Couples more likely to have sex out of convenience than desire, according to new research

New survey shows more couples have sex when the timing is right, than when they're in the mood

It seems there really is a time and a place to get intimate with your partner.

And if new research is correct, then it could mean that there won't be a lot going on in between the sheets in the busy run up to Christmas.

Couples are more likely to have sex when the timing is right, than when they're in the mood ©RexA new poll has revealed that sex has become more of a question of timing than being in the mood - with a large proportion of us only engaging in the act when it's convenient.

Around 33 per cent of those surveyed admitted they fitted sex in and around their work and family life, while less than a quarter said their partner's availability was the main factor determining when they had sex.

The findings, discovered in a new poll by Lovehoney, showed that as a result couples are 13 times more likely to have sex at night than in the afternoon.

Of the 300 couples polled, 65 per cent were more intimate at night - deemed as between 11pm and 1am - with just 20 per cent getting busy between the sheets in the morning.

The afternoon was found to be the least sexually-active time, with just five per cent of couple preferring the afternoon.

Just 28 per cent said the times when they have sex were governed by when they felt most sexual.

Speaking about the new research, sex and relationship expert Tracey Cox said: "This suggests two things: firstly, that our lives are incredibly busy and stressful.

"Secondly, that we don't make sex a priority. It tends to get put last on the list of things to do, and consequently, is the first thing to be knocked off it, especially if we're tired.

"You need energy and time to have good sex. Doing it late at night, in bed, at the end of a tiring day isn't ideal for a session that's high on sexual satisfaction.

"We all have time constraints and work hard but setting aside some 'sex time' mid afternoon on a weekend is a great idea for long term couples - particularly females. Mid afternoon is often when we're hormonally ready for and desire sex."