Couple record nine months of pregnancy in a stop motion video

Parents-to-be take 1000 pictures to create video memento of the pregnancy of their first child

A stop-motion video documenting one woman's pregnancy journey by her excited husband has racked up hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube.

New dad Tomer Grencel created hundreds of scenarios and took more than 1,000 photos of his wife Osher during her pregnancy and of new baby Emma when she finally arrived.

The nine months of the couple's first pregnancy were recorded in detail and Tomer spent a month after Emma was born putting all the photos together - creating a cute, stop-motion video celebrating the entire experience.

The video contains amusing scenes dealing with morning sickness and cravings and shows the moment an ultrasound revealed the couple were expecting a girl. Using a collection of concepts and props, the video is a unique testament to the arrival of baby Emma.

The family have been such a hit, Tomer has continued his baby photo project on his website

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