Do the Christmas weight gain math

Christmas couple
Oh, alright, just one more spoonful

If you're worried about the effects of Christmas eating on your waistline (and elsewhere), sports science lecturer and fitness expert at Middlesex University Anne Elliott has a few facts that might be of interest...

  • The average woman needs to consume 2,000 kcals a day to maintain her weight (it's 2,500 for a man).
  • The average woman will eat approx 6500 cals (7000+ for men) PER DAY at Christmas.
  • Beware, for this increased calorie intake is not limited to the two holiday days, but can begin up to two weeks before with parties and events. The amount of calories consumed tends to then decrease for a few days after Boxing Day, and rise again at New Year.
  • If you do little or no exercise over this period, excess calories will turn into fat.

Now for the maths: 3500 kcals = 1 pound of fat. There are an average of 14 indulgent days over the entire six-week period. The average person consumes 4500 kcals + of excess food PER DAY during this period.

14 days x 4500 kcals = 63,000 surplus calories = 18 pounds of fat.

That’s why it’s so easy to put on a stone over Christmas. Scary, huh?

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