Raising an Olympian : Chris Hoy

Mum of Scotland’s most successful athlete, cyclist Chris Hoy, tells us that the secret to his success was down to her specially created cycling snack

Starting his cycling career on a girls’ bike was no hamper to three-time Olympic gold medal winner Chris Hoy’s success. 

"I don’t think he realised it was a girls’ bike at the time,” Chris’s mum Carol explains. “Then he got his first BMX at about eight or nine. I thought he was going to cry with happiness he was just so excited to go into the shop.”

But it wasn’t just a new BMX, the love of the sport and winning drive that has made Chris such a success. There was also the small matter of his mum’s ‘BMX Go-Faster burgers’.

“My role was probably chief cook,” says Carol. “I made soups and sandwiches but my most famous creation was the BMX Go-Faster burger.

“I told one little boy they were make-you-go-faster burgers. The next thing I had all these children queuing up to get the go-faster burgers.”

Despite insisting Chris kept up his studies and got a good degree (admitting that she thought it seemed mad that anyone could make a living from riding a bike), Carol is overwhelmed by her son’s success.
“When he won silver in Sydney, I thought I was going to burst with pride.  Then he went to Athens and won gold, I thought it can’t get better than this. Then in Beijing he gets three! 

“Those are very, very proud moments, but then I was proud of him when he won the egg and spoon race when he was a wee boy as well.” 

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