Chloë Sevigny Says She Frightens Men - But Are They Really Intimidated By Female Breadwinners?

Chloë Sevigny Says She Frightens Men - But Are They Really Intimidated By Female Breadwinners?

Her amazing style and über-cool attitude make her one of the coolest cats in Hollywood – but Chloë Sevigny says when it comes to dating, it ain’t so hot at the top. In an interview with Psychologies magazine last week, the Kids star claimed that she frightens men off who are ‘intimidated’ by her sky-high earnings. (We know how you feel, Chlo…)

In fact, the actress went as far to say that her phenomenal success equates to romantic suicide – and revealed that men act like she’s ‘showing off’ if she so much as offers to split the bill. Chloë, 37, said: 'My friends are always telling me I'm intimidating. My dates are probably not being themselves on the date - they're trying to be cool.

'I think it's still a problem if a woman earns more than a man. I try to pay for half of dinner and a guy will behave as if I'm trying to prove I have more money than him.'

Chloë’s comments resonated with people all over the globe. As women strive to close the pay gap and climb further up the ranks, many are choosing to ‘marry down’ and become the breadwinners themselves. Whilst many say that their partners are happy for them to be the high-flyer, other guys are not so sure. In fact, they see it as a personal attack on their manhood.

Writer Tony Parsons says he agrees. In this week’s Grazia, he reveals why men always want to be the high earner – ‘For if a man can’t be a breadwinner, then what exactly is the point of him?’ he says. For centuries, men have been the providers – and he argues that men who are out-earned should work harder until they at least match-up to the size of their partner’s wage packet, or risk being exiled to Not-a-man’s Land forever.

So, is Chloë right that men are still worried about women out-earning them, and should they feel intimidated? And, more importantly, does that make them ‘real’ men – or just cave men?

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