Cat litter facials - would you try the latest home-beauty treatment?

Kitty litter contains a key ingredient used in pricy face creams and a popular beauty blogger has revealed how to use it in an at-home facial

Fancy smothering your face in cat litter? No? Well, neither did we, but beauty vlogger Michelle Phan reckons it's the new wonder-product for at-home pampering.

And the skin benefits might just have you heading down the pet aisle next time you head to the supermarket...

Michelle explains that cat litter is made from volcanic ash called Bentonite - a product found in many pricy skincare creams, masks and treatments.

Bentonite is highly absorbent and detoxifying and because it is negatively charged, Michelle tells us, it works like a magnet to draw out impurities that are positively charged, and purifies the T-zone.

At this point Michelle opts to refer to the product as clay rather than cat litter, which makes the whole idea far more appealing.

In her guide, Michelle shows how to mix a couple of tablespoons of litt – sorry – clay, with water and heat in the microwave so it opens your pores when you apply to the face. Cat ownership - the beauty benefits revealed ©Rex

If you are planning to try this at home, opt for an unscented cat litter so it doesn’t have anything added which could irritate your skin, and try not to rub the abrasive pebbles found in it onto your skin. What you’re after is the clay-water, which should look muddy and wet. You’re not trying to roughly exfoliate.

And of course, unnecessary advice of the day - use a fresh bag of cat litter rather than your kitty’s cast offs.

Are you convinced? One brave member of the Lifestyle team here at Yahoo! will be giving this ago over the weekend. Check out our Twitter for the verdict.

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