Boost your baby’s confidence by ditching the pram

Children become more confident if carried upright and facing the world, rather than being pushed in buggies as babies

If you want your children to grow up confident and ready to face the world, start them early, says expert. 

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jared Diamond has advised mums and dads to carry their babies upright, facing forward, rather than relying on a pushchair, saying it allows babies to see the world as their parents do.Babies facing forward and looking out on the world are more confident ©Rex

According to Jared, while babies in prams lie separated from the world and protected from it, those who are carried by their parents in slings or baby carriers become “emotionally secure, self-confident, curious, and autonomous”.

In his new book The World Until Yesterday, he suggests that Western parents could learn much from Asian and African parents who still transport their babies traditionally by strapping them to their bodies.

He believes that children benefit from being carried traditionally, as their instincts have changed little since ancestral times. Professor Diamond believes we have much to learn from more traditional communities ©Rex

Many of the 75 year old author’s observations come from tribal communities in New Guinea, where he lived with peoples who were still in the Stone Age.

He explained:  “It is only relatively recently that some of these child-rearing practices became unfashionable. I suggest it’s time to consider some of them seriously again.”

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