Cadbury unveil a new chocolate bar that is just for women

Crispello is the first chocolate bar to be launched by Cadbury since the 90s

Cadbury is introducing a new low-calorie chocolate bar onto the market in the hope of enticing women back to the popular snacking brand.

The Crispello bar will be the first new chocolate launched by the confectionery company since the Fuse bar was unveiled in 1996.Cadbury crispello bar © Cadbury

It consists of three light and crispy wafer shells, filled with a creamy centre and is covered in a smooth layer of double chocolate.

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The supposedly slimline bar has been designed with packaging that you can reseal so it can be eaten one piece at a time and saved for later.

Cadbury hopes Crispello will be the perfect little treat for women who are worried about putting on weight as it contains only 165 calories compared to Mars at 260 and 180 for a Flake.

“We know from experience that women are attracted to this particular format,” a Cadbury spokesman said.

“It will also appeal to women because it is in three separate portions so they can consume a little at a time rather than in one go.”

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Industry research shows that annual sales of single chocolate bars have fallen by 6.6 per cent in a market worth around £800 million a year worldwide.

Evidence suggests that this drop is almost entirely caused by health-conscious women buying less chocolate.

Crispello goes on sale next week at 50p a bar. Low calorie it may be but we’re not sure it quite has the health benefits of other snacks such as, say, an apple.

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