Brits to spend millions treating Santa this Christmas Eve

Over three quarters of us will leave a treat out for Father Christmas and his troop of reindeer

Santa’s busiest night of the year is fast approaching and new research has revealed generous Brits will splash out almost £92m on luxury treats for Santa this Christmas.

The mums polled felt it was important to teach their children about the act of giving, not just receiving at Christmas, so will be preparing special treats for Father Christmas’ arrival this year.
Santa's plate will be full this Christmas © Rex

Over three quarters of shoppers said they will leave out food and drink for him with luxury treats including champagne, chocolate truffles and a cheeseboard proving popular, alongside the traditional treats of mince pies and cookies.

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Santa’s plate is expected to cost an average of around £2.40 per household – a 22 per cent increase on last year.

Health conscious children hoping to trim Santa’s round belly said they’ll be asking parents to swap sweet treats for healthier snacks including satsumas, nuts and raisins.

However, for the more traditional amongst us, mince pies are still the most popular choice, with 70 per cent of us planning to leave out these festive favourites to help Father Christmas keep his sugar levels up on his travels.

Keen bakers said they are even planning to channel their inner Mary Berry and use it as an opportunity to get creative with their kids, baking bespoke treats for the VIP guest, according to the survey by Asda.

While Father Christmas is showered with treats Rudolph won’t be forgotten either, as 90 per cent of households plan to leave a customary carrot out for him too.

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Vickie Rogerson, spokesperson for Asda, said: “The night before Christmas is always exciting and our research shows that despite the fact many Brits are watching the pennies this festive season, we’re still determined to make sure Santa receives a warm welcome.

“From the more classic treats and a little luxury, to home-made delicacies and even healthier alternatives, there’s certainly something for Santa to get his Claus into this year!”

What’s on Santa’s plate for 2012?

•       Carrot for Rudolph
•       Mince Pie
•       Glass of sherry/ brandy/ other alcoholic beverage
•       Glass of milk
•       Home-made cookie
•       Other (satsuma, nuts, raisins)

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