Bra Dryer promises to revolutionise your underwear drawer with no more bent out of shape lingerie

Bra drying invention to end peril of misshapen lingerie with clever new system

Bent out of shape bras are one of life's real annoyances.

An inventor promises to change all that and extend the life span of your favourite bras thanks to a clever new drying device, which promises to gently dry bras without ruining the padding.

The Bra Dryer 2.0 promises to put an end to misshapen padding and out of shape lingerie [Caters]The Bra Dryer 2.0, which looks pretty hi-tech judging by these new pictures, uses an infrared light that gently warms up the bra and evaporates moisture from the padding and surrounding fabric.

And unlike most of our typical bra drying techniques - like hanging on a door handle or on a washing line - this won't ruin the shape and also protects any lace or beading.

The clever little device, which promises to revolutionise your underwear drawer, was created by Alexander Farennikov back in 2009 after a friend complained about her bras being all misshapen.

The Bra Dryer 2.0 looks more like a tech-lovers gadget than a lingerie drying device [Caters]He said: "This new design is an upgrade on the original Bra Dryer design I came up with after a friend complained drying her bras were a chore and that it damaged them.

"She wondered why someone wouldn't invent something to help dry them to I decided to invent something to help women of all bra sizes do so in more efficient ways."

He explained: "Conventional air drying such as on a towel, door knob, line or a hair dryer have a few disadvantages such as taking a long time.

"But most importantly air drying on a flat surface or by hanging on line or doorknob causes damage to the padding especially with larger size bras.

"With Bra Dryer 2.0 you can dry your bras without worrying about damaging spandex material, underwire or other features that help your bra maintain its shape and appearance."

And for those hoping to get their hands on the gadget shouldn't need to wait too long either, as the invention has gained so much interest it could be on the shelves before next year.

Alexander added: "Currently we're looking at really getting the product out there in 2014 but the massive interest we have already received and numerous enquiries are pushing us along."