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  • Hair trends come and go, but while it often seems like the majority of styles can be carried off by a select few (or those with a team of emergency stylists on speed dial) every so often a style appears that's both refreshingly wearable and universally flattering, and that's precisely where the lob - or long bob - comes in.

    The lob was first seen way back in 2008, when Gwyneth Paltrow, Eva Longoria and Anne Hathaway all sported the hairdo, but this spring, it's back with a vengeance, with Kate Bosworth, Olivia Palermo and our very own Davina McCall all opting for the style.  The lob can be worn in a variety of ways - with a centre or side parting, and in a range of lengths. And, while the original lob was super sleek and straightened, the latest incarnation can be worn with a wave for a tousled, textured look.

    "The lob is a very wearable trend and suits oval, heart, round, diamond-shaped faces best," reveals Karine Jackson, owner of Karine Jackson in Covent Garden. "The

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  • For those of you mourning the death of the weekend, cheer yourself up with a trip to London department store Liberty, where US home fragrance brand Thymes has just exclusively launched.

    The brand has a huge celebrity following stateside - Rachel Bilson and Courtney Cox are both fans of the range —  and the collection, which starts from just £9, includes candles, soaps, and a gorgeous selection of bath and body products in luxurious scents such as Agave nectar and Kimono Rose — the latter being Rachel Bilson's favourite.

    And if you're still not sure what to put at the top of your own Christmas wish list, look no further than posh jewellery store Frost of London, where you can now place an order for the world's most expensive nail polish.

    The Model's Own Gold Rush Couture polish comes in a diamond-studded bottle and has a cap crafted from a solid ingot of pure gold.  Not surprisingly, the made-to-order polish comes with an equally impressive price tag - £83,000.


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  • This summer, red hair is big news, whether it's Rihanna's cherry red locks or Blake Lively's copper mane. The good news is that there's a shade of red to suit everyone. The bad news? Red is one of the hardest colour dyes to maintain.

    Rihanna's vibrant red locks
    High maintenance hair
    "Red hair dye has the largest colour molecule which makes it harder for the dye to penetrate into the hair shaft," explains Katerina Michalakis, senior technician at Michael Van Clarke. "Instead it sits on the surface of the hair and slips away much faster than other colours."

    Additionally, colour fade is especially noticeable on dyed red hair. "Red is a particularly difficult colour to maintain as it reflects the light more than any other shade," says Lorraine Matic, Fudge UK Educator. "This means that when the hair is damaged, or the colour is beginning to fade, it's a lot more obvious. Look for specialist shampoos and conditioners that contain free radicals to help prolong colour in

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  • At some point, most of us have turned to our other halves or male friends and asked that all important question: "Do I look good in this?" but rarely do we consult our men folk about the state of our make up.

    While there's do denying that make up helps us feel good about ourselves, it also comes in handy when it comes to attracting the opposite sex. Let's face it, when we're slicking on the lippy or making sure our eyelashes are perfectly curled, how our men folk will view the final result  is often at the forefront of our minds.

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    Eli Ankutse, co-founder of nivenandjoshua, says his number one dislike when it comes to make up misdemeanours is heavy foundation. "As I'm sure most guys will agree, it has to be when excessive or obvious foundation is used - I think less is definitely more here."

    Less is more: Rihanna wearing heavy foundation

    With increasingly sophisticated formulas and wide selections of shades, finding the

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