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  • Why Shapewear, Skinny Jeans, and Stilettos Will Be Our Demise

    It seems we're still destroying our bodies for fashion, as experts warn of the problems of shapewear

    Are we all doomed by shapewear? Photo by Miramax FilmsMany women-celebrities included-swear by shapewear like Spanx to look slimmer under their clothing. Kim Kardashian refers to them as her "best friend," Katy Perry flashes them proudly on stage, Claire Danes referred to herself as "a brand SPANX-ing new mom" while accepting a SAG Award in 2013, Rebecca Romijn said she wears "Spanx underneath almost everything," and Adele said "I had three or four pairs of Spanx on [at the 2012 Grammy Awards but I loved it." But is shape wear worth the pain? Huffington Post asked a gastroenterologist, a dermatologist, and a chiropractor who all answered with a resounding "no." Some say fashion is pain, forfeiting comfort for whittled waists, pushed-up boobs, sky-high stilettos, and trendy oversized handbags. The bad news: many of your wardrobe staples are potentially very hazardous for your health. Read on as a doctor and podiatrist confirm all your biggest fashion fears. If you need us, we'll be wearing sneakers and a muumuu.

    [10 health mistakes everyone

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  • Find the right swimwear for your body shape

    Going swimwear shopping? Arm yourself with our guide to what works on different bodies.

    Apple shape

    Coral Sheer Gold Embellished Kaftan, £26.24 New Look

    Don't bother with bikinis, there are loads of great one piece suits that will work better on you. It's tempting to go for block colours, but actually a big splashy print does a better job of hiding bulges. Ruching and draping over the stomach is another clever trick to minimise the midriff.

    If you feel very self conscious, look for a swimsuit with tummy control panels. Lots of brands incorporate them into the lining of suits now - try Speedo's Sculpture range.

    If you have got great legs show them off in a slinky kaftan.

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    F&F Oriental print bandeau bikini top, £8 and F&F Contrast colour bikini briefs, £5 Tesco

    A good trick for pear shaped figures is to mismatch your bikini. Wear a dark colour on the bottom and a

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  • Most of us only wear about two thirds of our clothes — if that. The rest just take up space in the wardrobe, looking at you accusingly from their hangers. And now that the seasons are switching, it's a good time to get organised.

    Start by setting aside a whole Saturday for a clear out. Take out all your clothes, and lay them all on the bed. This makes it much easier to how much you have (too much, probably) and where the gaps are for future shopping.

    Before going any further, Hoover and clean your wardrobe and drawers. This isn't just neat-freakery — dust attracts moths.

    Divide clothes into five piles: 'keep', 'store', 'chuck', 'not sure', 'alter' and 'eBay'. Be ruthless. If you haven't worn it in over a year and it isn't occasion-wear, it probably isn't working.

    Do not be tempted to keep clothes for 'thinspiration.' If you lose weight, you'll want to buy fresh clothes, not something you fitted in 2003.

    Now add the 'alter' pile, and the

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  • There's quite enough to deal with when you're pregnant, without clothes being an issue, too. Fortunately, maternity-wear has really improved in recent years, and it needn't be expensive - Gap, Topshop and M&S all do good ranges.

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    Marie Palmer, a consultant from maternity-wear store Keungzai has this style advice for mums to be: 'Resist the temptation to buy clothes in larger sizes,' she says. 'If you are a size 8 normally, then this is the size you should choose for maternity clothing. Likewise, if you're feeling self-conscious about looking larger, don't completely cover up — it will make you look bigger. Draw attention to your new curves, and choose clothing that shows off your best areas, such as a V neck, or a low back dress. Scoop necks are particularly effective at elongating your whole silhouette.'

    Here are some more tips for bump dressing:

    Pregnant partywear

    How come pregnant celebrities look so smug? Because they know

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  • The right sunglasses never go out of style. But who hasn't been swayed by designer frames, or a duty free bargain, and ended up with shades that don't suit? The key to successful sunglasses shopping is to allow ample time, and to get a second opinion - it's hard to judge your reflection with shades on. Better still, get your shopping partner to take photos of you.

    The right style for you will depend on your face shape, but think about  frame colour, too. Black can be harsh against some skintones, so if you're prone to looking washed out try tortoiseshell instead.

    Finally, it's worth investing in your sunglasses, so skip the cheap and cheerful pairs in high street shops.  At best, these will give you 'nose dents', at worst they won't offer adequate UV protection. Here's how to pick the right pair for you.

    Round face

    If you have a baby face, with full cheeks and rounded chin, you're aiming to add definition and make your face look longer, rather than softer, or wider. Go for angular

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