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  • The most hi-tech restaurants around the world

    Restaurants have embraced technology that aims to improve the dining experience. Here are seven restaurants that have installed ground-breaking gadgets to make eating out more 'hi-tech'.

    Interactive tables at Inamo, London

    Gadget-lovers will love London's pan-Asian restaurant Inamo. Instead of placing an order with a waiter, you use interactive table-tops to order food, play games and watch the kitchen via a 'chef-cam'. Bored of the setting? You can also change the colours and pattern of the 'tablecloth'. Inamo explains that the table-tops work with a combination of 'overhead projection technology' and 'wireless touch panels embedded in the table'. Inamo currently has two locations in London - on Regent Street and in Soho, with a 'Luxury Set Menu' costing £30.

    Self-service Kiosks at McDonalds, Europe

    At many McDonald's restaurants in Europe you can now order your food at a self-service kiosk. Just select your choices from the

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  • The woman that’s hardest to ask out

    I was selected to write this dating blog from a pool of millions of hunky candidates due to my reasonable strike rate persuading women to go on dates with me. That's not always the case though.

    One group of women with whom I have never had any success is that most glamorous species: the barmaid. Along with models, Hollyoaks actresses and lifeguards I would say that, as a general rule, barmaids are the fittest sub-category of woman.

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    True, in reality they may hate working in a bar and it may represent the crushing of all their dreams, but for me they retain an otherworldly status. Just like I wouldn't ask out Megan Fox if I bumped into her in Beverley Hills, I also wouldn't ask out a hot barmaid serving me a drink. That's because 1.) She is busy at work, 2.) Any flirtatiousness I detect is probably just part of her job and 3.) She probably gets asked out by blokes in this bar about 30 times a day. In other words, because she's a

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  • The Hollywood twin baby boom

    It’s double trouble in Hollywood as the celebrity twin phenomenon adds new mum Mariah Carey to its roster. But which other famous couples are the proud parents of twins? Check out the fast growing twin trend that’s taking Hollywood by storm.

    Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

    Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon welcomed their first children into the world on Saturday 30th April. Moroccan and Monroe Cannon were coincidently born on the couple’s third wedding anniversary. Like many celebs, Mariah and Nick announced the birth and thanked their fans via Twitter. Mariah wrote, 'I wish I could personally thank all those around the world who continue 2 send congrats+prayers for #dembabies! Mariah made the world wait to find out the names of her twins by only revealing the first letter of their names, M, and finally revealing their full monikers on 4 May. 

    [Revealed: Mariah Carey announces her twins' names]

    Juila Roberts and Daniel Moder

    Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder kick started the trend of twins

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  • How to curl hair with a straightener

    Andrew Jose, of Andrew Jose Salon in Charlotte Street, London presents step by step instructions on curling hair with a hair straighteners and creating great and pretty bouncy curls.

    Step 1: Use rounded plates

    You should use an iron with a rounded, beveled plate design to create the perfect curl.
    If your iron doesn't have rounded plates, it will create unnatural dents in your hair.
    The rounded plates are what give you the smooth, flowing curl.

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    Step 2: Place the hair

    Holding the iron at the end, and place your hair over the section and wrap your hair around the bottom plate.  Gently close the plates, lightly gripping the hair.

    Step 3: Move and rotate

    As you glide the iron down towards the end, rotate outwards.

    Step 4: Create bigger curls

    For bigger curls, take larger sections of hair and use the same rotating motion.

    Step 5: Start lower down

    Don't start too close to the roots, because this creates too much volume near the top

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  • The craziest bacon products on the market

    As the popularity of bacon increases, it seems we are no longer content with the meat itself. This 'bacon craze' sees the launch of a number of bizarre products, including bacon soap, chocolate and cologne.

    Fargginay's Bacon Cologne

    'Bacon' perfume was recently launched by Fargginay in the US. Described as "extremely wearable" with "an ever so slight hint of bacon", the cologne also contains 11 other essential oils. Brand founder John Leydon has commented that the "fragrances are designed to trigger pleasant memories." Priced at £22 (US$36) for a one ounce bottle, the perfume is currently available in the US, but can be shipped to the UK via their website.

    Bacon flavoured sweets and chocolate with 'bacon bits'

    Cybercandy — the 'one of a kind candyshop' with stores in London, Brighton and Birmingham - stocks bacon-flavoured gumballs (priced at £3.99 per pack) and Zotter chocolate containing real pieces of caramelised bacon (£3.60 per bar). But they sell out fast. Cybercandy tell us

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