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  • Ten tips for sending the perfect love email

    The days of sharing love letters, written laboriously with a feather quill pen and sent painstakingly by post, are long gone.

    But, in the fast-paced and technological world we live in, sending an email is a pretty good alternative. It sure beats sending a text or Tweet, anyway.

    If you're planning to send your loved-one a special email, here's a few do's and don't you might want to consider…


    1. Send an email when drunk
    Making margarita or beer-induced communication post-happy hour may work against you, especially when trying to score a love interest. Alcohol may give you Dutch courage to say what you truly feel inside, but you're unlikely to get away with sending properly spelt and emails while typing sweet nothings in a drunken stupor.

    Oh the humiliation of waking up the next morning and seeing this on your sent mail: "Hye Micjhelle, i thihnk I saw you at the library. i don't know ,maybe it wasn"t you. Anywa...y I'm rrally sorry abotu that itme I started hitting on

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  • Top 10 most common dreams – and what they mean

    Have you ever woken up in the morning after a particularly vivid dream, and thought: "what the hell was that all about?"

    Us too, which is why we decided to ask psychologist and dream specialist Ian Wallace to give us some expert insight. According to Ian, your dream might not be as unique and weird as you thought. There are many dreams that all of us experience at some point, but what do they mean? Lie back, turn off the lights and find out. The answers might surprise you…

    1. You're being chased
    "There is an issue in your waking life that you want to confront but are unsure how to do so. This issue is often a great opportunity for you to pursue a particular personal ambition. Although they may seem scary, your pursuers are actually bringing your attention to your unrealised talents in your own pursuit of fulfilment."

    2. Your teeth fall out
    "Your teeth symbolise how confident and powerful you feel, so some situation is causing your confidence to crumble in waking life.

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  • The make up that men hate the most

    At some point, most of us have turned to our other halves or male friends and asked that all important question: "Do I look good in this?" but rarely do we consult our men folk about the state of our make up.

    While there's do denying that make up helps us feel good about ourselves, it also comes in handy when it comes to attracting the opposite sex. Let's face it, when we're slicking on the lippy or making sure our eyelashes are perfectly curled, how our men folk will view the final result  is often at the forefront of our minds.

    [Useful: The best make-up for your face shape]

    Eli Ankutse, co-founder of nivenandjoshua, says his number one dislike when it comes to make up misdemeanours is heavy foundation. "As I'm sure most guys will agree, it has to be when excessive or obvious foundation is used - I think less is definitely more here."

    Less is more: Rihanna wearing heavy foundation

    With increasingly sophisticated formulas and wide selections of shades, finding the

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  • Why teens and haute couture do not mix

    After winning over tough fashion critics during the awards season and receiving great reviews for her breakout performance in the film True Grit, all eyes have been on 14-year-old wunderkid, Hailee Steinfeld.

    And now high fashion Italian designer Miu Miu has picked the Oscar nominated actress to feature in their campaign for autumn/winter 2011. Another huge achievement from the rising star and a perfect fit considering she is a fan of Miucca Prada's diffusion line.

    [See also: Hailee Steinfeld is the new face of Miu Miu]

    Miu Miu dresses are a popular choice for Hailee Steinfeld

    But all accolades for the tiny star aside, are women seriously meant to swoon over the latest Miu Miu 'it' dress when it is being modelled by a female who's barely hit puberty?

    Prada's sister line has always been aimed at a young audience but there aren't many 14-year-olds who can afford luxury fashion.Previous faces of Miu Miu include Katie Holmes, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Kirsten Dunst, all over the

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  • Pippa reveals how she maintains her fit figure

    Pip, pip hooray! Pippa Middleton has spilled the beans on how she got her perfect figure.

    Kate's sister revealed that weekly Pilates sessions are the secret to her svelte shape, which captivated millions during the Royal Wedding.

    The 27-year-old Middleton sister attends classes at a Parson's Green fitness centre near to her home in West London and hailed the studio as a 'weekly necessity'.

    In a testimonial on the Pilates on the Go website, she praised her trainer, Margot Campbell. Pippa wrote: "As someone who is always 'on the go', Pilates has been a wonderful escape from my busy lifestyle in London.

    "Whether it's 7am in the morning or 7pm at night I always leave feeling calm, refreshed and invigorated. Over the past few months I have noticed a huge difference in my core strength and posture and couldn't recommend Margot more highly as an instructor.

    [Relevant: How to get a bum like Pippa's]

    "From breathing techniques, muscle toning to overall flexibility and

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  • American man to eat 25,000th Big Mac

    Don Gorske eats on average of two Big Macs a day. The problem is he now sometimes can't taste them.

    Above: Don Gorske eating his 18.00th Big Mac in '01

    The Wisconsin resident, 57, will eat his 25,000th McDonald's burger on May 17, exactly 39 years after he first tasted a Big Mac in 1972.

    Gorske, who suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder, has kept the receipts for every Big Mac he's ever bought and owns 10,000 Big Mac cartons. He also keeps two Big Macs in his luggage just in case he can't find a McDonald's.

    [See also: The world's unhealthiest sandwiches]

    Amazingly, he is in good health, with a slender physique and a cholesterol level at just 156 mg/dL (milligrams per deciliter). The average cholesterol rating for men aged 50 and older is 208 mg/dL.

    However his taste buds have fluctuated in sensitivity since birth, so he often can't taste his favourite meal.

    Above: A Big Mac contains 590 calories, 34g of fat and 85mg of cholesterol.

    "A person like me, I just don't

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  • Couple names baby girl after ‘Like’ feature on Facebook

    A couple from Israel has named their newborn daughter 'Like' after the social networking feature on Facebook.

    The girl's new moniker was inspired by a button which allows users to express their endorsement of photos, status updates and links.

    Lior Alder and his wife Vardit live in the town of Hod Hasharon just outside Tel Aviv and said they wanted a name for their daughter that was 'modern and innovative'.

    They succeeded in choosing an original name, with their child reportedly the first and only person in the country with the name 'Like'.

    [See also: Egyptian man names daughter 'Facebook']

    "In our opinion it's the modern equivalent of the name Ahava [Love]," Adler told Israeli newspaper Maariv.

    "It's just my way of saying to my fantastic daughter, 'Love'."

    The most common names for girls in Israel are Noa, Maya and Tamar, according to the Haaretz newspaper.

    The parents have a fondness for innovative names. One of their daughters is named Pie — after the popular British food,

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  • Dragon’s Den star bids £5k for Princess Beatrice’s bizarre hat

    Princess Beatrice's 'antler' fascinator that she wore to the Royal Wedding was put up for auction yesterday on eBay.

    First to place a bid for the wacky design was entrepreneur and Dragon's Den judge Duncan Bannatyne, offering £5,000.  He encouraged others to get involved in the sale that will aid the children's charities Unicef and Children in Crisis.

    [See also: Princess Beatrice's hat 'ridiculous' becomes an internet sensation]

    Left: Princess Beatrice arriving at the Royal Wedding Right: First bidder Duncan Bannatyne.

    The Philip Treacy design was mocked by the world over after Beatrice sported the hat to William and Kate's big day.

    It became an internet sensation spawning a Facebook fan page dedicated to 'Princess Beatrice's Ridiculous Royal Wedding Hat' and funny Photoshop pictures suggesting other uses for the hat including a cat-flap and laboratory bowl.

    It was even compared to a Turkey Twizzler and Pretzel.

    [Gallery: See funny mock-ups of Beatrice's hat]

    In a

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  • Mother gives Botox injections to her eight-year-old daughter

    A British woman, originally from Birmingham and now living in San Francisco, has admitted to giving her eight-year-old daughter Botox injections to 'get rid of her wrinkles'.

    Kerry Campbell told 'Good Morning America' she injects her daughter Britney to help her keep up in the intensively competitive world of the child beauty pageant circuit.

    According to Kerry, 34, Britney has become used to the injections and is fine with them, but Britney revealed she used to cry when she first had the procedure.

    Above: A photograph of Britney getting a Botox injection

    "It hurts sometimes. It makes me nervous. But I get used to it."

    During the interview, Britney revealed the reasons she gets the injections.

    "I just don't think wrinkles are nice for little girls."

    Britney revealed she's also had her upper leg area waxed. However, despite the fact that she thinks hairy legs are 'unladylike,' she's stopped having the procedure done as the pain was too much for her to bear.

    [Relevant: How

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  • How to make a classic American cheesecake

    The American cheesecake recipe is a favourite all around the world but this version has a definite American flavour. Treat yourself to a taste of the US!


    • 300 g butter biscuits, finely crumbled
    • 110 g melted butter
    • 600 g cream cheese
    • 520 g quark cheese (or any low-fat, soft white cheese)
    • 300 g sugar
    • 1 tbsp vanilla essence
    • 6 eggs
    • 400 g sour cream
    • 1 mixing bowl
    • 1 whisk
    • 1 spatula
    • 1 26 cm, spring baking ring

    8 to 10

    Preparation Time:
    10 minutes

    Cooking Time:
    4 hours 45 minutes

    Oven Temperature:
    150° c  -  300° f

    Step 1: Preheat the oven
    Set the oven to 150ºC (300ºF/ gas mark 2).

    Step 2: Prepare the biscuit base
    Add the butter to the crumbled cookies and mix thoroughly.

    Step 3: Add mix to the mould
    Pour the mixture into the baking ring and using your hands, press it all down evenly. Place into the fridge for between 5-10 minutes to stiffen.

    Step 4: Make the cheese mixture
    Put the cream cheese into a mixing

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