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  • The best time-saving beauty products for you to try out in 2014

    From multi-purpose make-up brushes to time-saving nail prep products, we’ve rounded up the best two in one products of the year

    The bad news? March isn't far off, and at the end of that month, we lose an hour of our lives.

    The good news? A rush of companies have recently launched products which give a whole new meaning to the term "two in one," and we've got the low down on these time-saving miracle workers.

    1)    Co-washes

    Palmer's Co-wash We've all heard of two-in-one hair products but the co-wash takes it to the next level.

    Palmers' Co-wash (£5.99, is one of the first co-wash products to launch in the UK, while Ojon will launch a "cleansing conditioner" in April, and Herbal Essences have recently launched a co-wash in the US.

    So what exactly does a co-wash do? Co-washes are also commonly referred to as cleansing conditioners, and they were initially created for people with curly or frizzy hair.

    In theory, co-washes allow people to "wash" their hair with a conditioner instead of a shampoo.

    However, hair still needs regular cleanses with a normal shampoo, but co-washes are ideal to use in between, and are

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  • Beauty products to give you a healthy glow

    Blogger Tamara Hinson reveals her favourite beauty buys to make your skin look natural and radiant

    Let's face it, we can't rely on warm weather or sunny days to help restore the healthy glow, which has (for some of us, at least) proved so elusive since the weather took a turn for the worse.

    The good news? Some of the hottest new product launches are ones designed to give our complexions a glow-enhancing, radiance-boosting pick-me-up.

    Bliss Triple Oxygen Moisture CreamFirst up is Bliss and their reincarnation of a cult classic. Their brand new Triple Oxygen ex-glow-sion Moisture Cream (£55, is an antioxidant and vitamin-packed moisturising cream which helps to restore radiance while providing a dose of moisture which lasts all day.

    Its mousse-like texture means that it melts into skin on contact and an additional perk is the gorgeous, fresh fragrance.

    Perfect primers

    While tinted moisturisers are ideal for warmer weather, foundations are a great way to keep skin hydrated and protected from the onslaught of cold weather and central heating.

    However, if you find that foundations can make your complexion

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  • 6 of the best beauty brands to watch out for in 2014

    From Charlotte Tilbury’s glossy collection to Butter London’s foray into make-up, beauty blogger Tamara Hinson reveals her pick of the brands to look out for this year

    2014 promises to be an exciting year in the beauty world, with some fantastic new brands launching in the UK for the first time, while other tried-and-trusted names are launching ground-breaking new products.

    1) First up is Japonesque and their new cosmetics range, which has taken the UK by storm since launching late last year in John Lewis.

    Beauty brands to watch out for in 2014: Japonesque Famed for their beauty tools – their brushes are used by some of the world’s top make up artists – their recently-launched make up line looks as good as it feels.

    The collection includes feather-light liquid foundations, beautiful lipsticks, glosses and eye shadows.

    However it’s the packaging which has caused the biggest stir – especially the palettes, which are all adorned with unique designs using pigment dropped onto the outside of the palettes as they move along a conveyor belt.

    It’s hard to pick a favourite, but if we had to, the Velvet Touch Concealer (£15, would be a worthy contender. Look out for several new product

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  • Going for the chop in the New Year? Expert tips on whether short hair is right for you

    Beauty blogger Tamara Hinson speaks to top hairdressers to find out whether short hair a la Jennifer Lawrence will suit your face shape

    Considering going for the chop? Before you lop off your locks, it's worth taking a few moments to consider which style will work for you. And we're not just talking about face shape either. Your hair colour, jaw line and hair thickness can all influence how the end result looks, feels and moves.

    So why are so many of us reaching for the scissors? The recent decisions by celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Aniston and Pamela Anderson to chop off their locks - and do it so stylishly - are proof that short doesn't need to be scary.

    Jennifer Lawrence showed off her new pixie cut earlier this year [Facebook] While Pamela Anderson and Jennifer Aniston's visits to the hairdressers were no doubt carefully considered, Jennifer Lawrence has happily admitted that her hand was forced, when the constant barrage of hair dye and heat styling on the set of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire left her hair frazzled and lifeless.

    "This dramatic, brave haircut is so refreshing to see - I love it when a celebrity goes the whole way by going from long to so short," says

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  • How to look after your feet this Christmas

    Ensure your feet are party-ready for the festive party season with a little TLC

    Christmas is a time to don the glad rags and prepare to party, but if you don't look after your pinkies, no amount of mulled wine will dull the discomfort of sore feet.

    Look after your feet this Christmas to make sure you're not carrying your heels at the end of the night [Rex] First, foot care 101: there's simply no excuse not to have a spare pair of comfy shoes in your handbag. If you haven't got room for a pair of trainers, invest in a pair of squashy ballet pumps. Long nights out in towering heels can be made considerably more bearable with the addition of gel pads, which, when placed under the heel, will reduce pressure.

    Foot pain isn't the only reason we should all consider showing our feet some TLC over the festive period. Wearing high heels for extended periods of time doesn't just leave our feet feeling sore and swollen - more serious damage can occur, too.

    "Wearing high heeled shoes can result in a shortening of the Achilles tendon," points out Natalia Wojnar, a footwear expert for sports brand Vivo Barefoot.

    "This can lead to reduced movement efficiency and can also make you more

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  • How to be more confident without relying on your make-up

    Ditching the make up might well sound like a bizarre solution, but doing so is also a great way of reminding ourselves that beauty really does come from the inside.

    How much make up do you own?

    Does the thought of leaving the house without a slick or mascara or a dusting of bronzer leave you petrified, or does the notion of facing the world sans-make up seem oddly appealing?

    On days when your under eye area is sporting bags large enough to carry a week’s shopping or those annoying patches of t-zone shine have your nearest and dearest reaching for their sunnies (or so you think), it’s easy to elevate the importance of make up to that of basics such as food, water and oxygen.

    Don't conceal, reveal

    (Copyright: REX) In fact, although it might well sound like a cliché, going without make up can be positively liberating. Generally, the ability to feel comfortable in your own skin is seriously underestimated as a character trait. However, without sounding hypocritical, common sense states that feeling comfortable in your own skin is going to be significantly easier if said skin looks Read More »from How to be more confident without relying on your make-up
  • The up do: How to master the hair look of the season

    The only way is up for the party season, so grab your hair elastics and a super-sized can of hairspray – the sky’s the limit with these styles

    Forget tumbling locks and touselled waves, the up do is back for the winter.

    Experts are predicting we’ll see celebs sporting the classic up do this party season, but with a 21st century twist bringing it bang up to date.Nicole rocked the up do to full effect on The X Factor [REX]

    “As the nostalgic trend continues, retro hairstyles from each and every decade will see a revival but with a modern twist,” predicts Katie Hamburger, a member of The Edge creative team at Regis Salons.

    “The 1940s roll, as seen most recently on Kimberley Walsh and Scarlett Johansson, will be a huge hit this Christmas for timeless glamour, as well as more complex styles featuring the finger wave as seen on Leigh Lezark.”

    The great unwashed

    Although the thought of unwashed hair on a big night out might not appeal, the slippery nature of freshly-washed hair makes skipping the shampoo – albeit just for one night – worthwhile.  “You should always try to work with unwashed hair when creating an up do as the

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  • Pore Perfectors: our top tips for glowing winter skin

    Here's the lowdown on how to unclog those pores and keep a healthy glow through the cold months

    Only a few years ago, primers were somewhat of a novelty. Since then, we've had BB creams, CC creams and even DD creams, so it's somewhat of a relief to find that certain brands are going back to basics with products specifically designed to minimise pores without offering the multitude of other benefits we often don't actually need.

    The cold weather means our pores naturally tighten but temperature fluctuation is bad news for the skin

    Let's start with a quick lesson on pores. Pores contain sebaceous glands, which produce the skin's oils. Pores on the nose and forehead tend to be larger, because the glands in these areas are larger. The good news? "In cold and damp weather, the skin on the face tightens," says the Body Shop's International make up artist, Chase Aston. "This is usually due to both the dry air and central heating. For this reason, pores should be easier to cover up, as long as you use the correct moisturiser, pore minimiser, primer and foundation."

    However, despite the fact that enlarged pores often become more of a problem in warmer weather, the tendency to boost dull,

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  • How to get the dewy skin look this season

    With summer officially over, it’s time to invest in heavy-duty moisturisers and foundations to take you through to winter

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but summer is officially over, which means it’s time to ditch the lightweight serums and tinted moisturisers and invest in some heavy-duty hydration.

    Why? Because cold air is dry air, so even those prone to oiliness can benefit from a little extra moisture.

    The good news? Dewy skin is in, which means there’s never been a better time to maximise your moisture levels.

    Jessica Alba works the dewy skin trend this season [Rex] Primed and ready

    In autumn and winter, creating a dewy-skinned look is all about what you do before you apply the foundation. This is because if your skin’s dry, even the most hydrating of foundations will struggle to conceal flakiness.

    “For this reason, skincare is more important than foundation when the climate turns from warm to cooler,” says Chase Aston, the Body Shop’s international make up artist.

    “I would suggest that you switch to a more hydrating moisturiser, and use a moisture mask in the evening before going to bed to fully replenish the skin to for optimum moisture and

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  • Cankle liposuction? Dimpleplasty? Twelve bizarre plastic surgery procedures

    The world has moved beyond nips and tucks as these days you can get absolutely anything 'fixed'

    A South Korean plastic surgery clinic has started offering a drastic new procedure designed to curl lips upward and create a more "western-style" face. We checked out some equally bizarre plastic surgery procedures. 

    Bra back line lift

    The bra back line lift was recently unveiled in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. "For many patients - even the fit ones, such as an aerobics instructors - the upper to mid-line back where bulges form was very frustrating," said senior author Joseph Hunstad. Then again, you could always just choose a bigger bra.

    Smile lift

    The smile lift procedure offered by the South Korean AOne clinic creates a permanent smile by lifting the corners of the mouth and manipulating the supporting facial muscles, although photographic evidence appears to suggest the result is often a Joker-like smile. "This is a risky procedure where muscles which control facial expression are manipulated," warns

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