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  • How To Get Three Times More Juice From Your Lemon, And 17 Life Hacks You Can Do With It

    If you play your lemon right, you can get three times as much juice out of it than usual, and there is SO MUCH you can do with it

    There's so much you can do with the humble lemon. And once you know, you'll be keener than ever to ensure you're getting as much juice as possible out of every single one.

    So we have a brilliant tip for you that could see you getting as much as THREE TIMES the juice from each lemon you squeeze.(Rex)

    You have two options. Either roll your lemon on a hard surface and push down to burst the tiny juice-filled cells, or blast it in the microwave for 20 seconds. Either way, cut it lengthways rather than across the middle and you should get around three tablespoons of juice out.

    Then use it in one of the following awesome ways:

    1. Stop your food going brown

    A few drops of lemon juice on your guacamole will keep it fresh and green, your apple slices will remain white and your cauliflower will stay that delicious off-white colour we all drool over.

    2. Wake yourself up

    At that mid-afternoon slump, instead of reaching for something sweet, go for something super-sour instead. A bite of a lemon or a

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  • Hidden London: The Capital's secrets that will make you a tourist again

    Behind Oxford Street lie many secrets all Londoners (and day trippers) should know about

    However the old saying may go, many of us tire of London every now and then.

    There's just so much you have to do to stay in the loop. You can't escape the latest must-eat, must-see and must-go. And there are just so many people. It can be exhausting. You can be left feeling that this capital has (whisper it) nothing left to offer you.St Christopher's Place

    But fear not. This city really can continue to surprise even the most jaded of us. Try our tips to reset your London love affair and make you feel like a tourist in your own town.


    Head to Oxford Street, carefully ignoring Selfridges, Primark, Topshop and the ilk. Instead beat the crowds by turning down the little alleyway under the clock, opposite Bond Street tube that leads to St Christopher's Place.

    The city's first 'village', SCP has a mixture of high street stores such as Whistles, Jigsaw, Kurt Geiger and H&M, mixed with a cute collection of boutiques, including fashion stores Les 100 Ciels, Matilda & Quinn and Marimekko, as well as Mrs Kibbles

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  • Coachella 2014 Fashion Trends: Super-Short Hotpants And 90s Memories

    Alessandra Ambrosio, Beyonce and Kylie and Kendall Jenner all jump on the legs-out trend at this year's 'American Glasto', but haven't we seen this all before?

    It's the gateway festival that gives us an idea of what trends were going to be sporting throughout the summer season. But judging by the amount of skin on show, we'd we better hope for a serious heatwave over here in the UK.

    Coachella is always bathed in glorious Californian sunshine, and this year was no different. So it's hardly surprising that hotpants, bra-tops and shirt-dresses were the order of the day - and golden tans all round.(Splash)

    The shortest shorts

    Poppy Delevingne, Kendall Jenner and Alessandra Ambrosio were all in the running for shortest possible hotpants at Coachella.

    But then they're models, they obviously have the pins for it.

    Hotpants were paired with everything from bikini tops, in the case of Vanessa Hudgens, bra tops as seen on Alessandra Ambrosio, and leather jackets worn by Poppy Delevingne.


    Obligatory for a festival in the desert, these where oversized, reflective and harked back to the 90s.

    And they weren't the only trend to do so. Denims, plaid shirts

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  • Coleen Rooney Models Her New Littlewoods Swimwear Range

    The WAG-turned-fashion designer shows off a super-toned bod in her own range of holiday swimwear for the retailer

    You know it's time to be booking that summer holiday, digging out the bikini-diet plan and shopping for your summer wardrobe when the first swimwear ranges come out.

    Coleen Rooney's latest collection has landed at Littlewoods and the 27-year-old has modelled some of the key pieces in the range herself, despite going fully-clothed for last week's launch party.(Littlewoods)

    The mum-of-two has been working hard to get back into shape following the birth of her second son Klay last May. And her dedication has paid off, revealing an incredibly toned physique in these shots promoting the holiday-wear she's designed for her 11th collection with the online and mail order retailer.

    A firm fashion fan, Coleen also now dabbles in designing childrenswear, no doubt inspired by Klay and his older brother Kai, 4.(Littlewoods)

    This collection includes several plunging swimsuits as well as kaftans and beach cover-ups. There are block colours, classic shapes and exotic prints. And for those of us who haven't been working on our

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  • Facebook: Too Much Time Spent Social Networking Crushes Young Women's Self Esteem

    Looking at other people's Facebook pictures and selfies has been found to lower self esteem and up the risk of eating disorders in teenage girls

    It's easy to get sucked in to the one-upmanship game on social media, only posting your best pics and posing for a hundred selfies before finding the one that's perfect.

    But while it might seem harmless (if time consuming), spending time on Facebook really could be doing more harm to our self esteem than we realise. Particularly for young women and girls in their teens.(Rex)

    New research has found that the more time teenage girls spend on the social networking site, the more likely they are to suffer from low self-esteem and develop an eating disorder.

    “While time spent on Facebook had no relation to eating disorders, it did predict worse body image among participants,” explained Dr Petya Eckler, from the University of Strathclyde. And low body image is a precursor to eating disorders.

    “Participants in social media are people we know," she added. These comparisons are more relevant and hit closer to home, yet they may be just as unrealistic."

    Elizabeth Kesses, writer of The Ugly Little Girl

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  • The Amazons Bootcamp: Forget the gym, get outside with a car tire on your back

    Bored of the gym? Can't get excited about a run? We trial a workout with a difference to see if it can keep us interested

    "Want to tone up, lose weight, improve your cardio fitness and feel stronger, more energised, and more confident?" The Amazons Bootcamp website asks me. And yes, yes I do.

    Where do I sign up?

    Personal trainer and bootcamp founder Ana Legin comes to a park near to my house one evening, complete with a bizarre collection of equipment including an old tire, hessian sacks of different weights, boxing gloves and rope.(Yahoo)

    She explains that working out should be fun and she likes to use lots of props that women might not normally think of (which explains the tire). She's also a former kickboxing champion and enthusiastic to get women into boxing.

    This also means she expertly helps me get the form right for my kicks and punches to get the most out of them and protect my knees. So even if you've never thought of hitting anything ever, you can get stuck in straight away.

    [Beat: The heartrate workout]
    [Superfoods: Foods that really make a difference]

    We start with a warm up, making the most of being

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  • 13¾ Reasons Adrian Mole And His Secret Diary Got Us Through Our Teens

    Ridiculous, melodramatic and oh-so-relatable, we'd have hated him in real life but Sue Townsend's comic creation helped us through those difficult teenage years

    The sad news that Sue Townsend has passed away at the age of 68 is even sadder as we realise that with her dies her most successful character, Adrian Mole, whose secret diary helped us through the difficult time between the ages of 13¾ and 15.

    In honour of Sue and of Adrian, we reminisce on the 13¾ ways The Secret Diary made our lives so much more bearable.Sue Townsend (REX)

    1. Spots

    At 13¾ spots were the most horrific thing that could befall any of us. They ruined our faces, crippling our self esteem and budding relationships. Our mums might have told us they weren't that bad but Adrian had it, er, spot on.

    "Just woke up to find chin covered in spots! How can I face Pandora?"

    "...It's my mother's fault for not knowing about vitamins."


    2. Ideas above our station

    Who didn't think they were an undiscovered genius? We weren't writing our diary for it NOT to be discovered now were we*?

    "When I'm famous and my diary is discovered people will understand the torment of being a 13¾-year-old undiscovered

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  • Is your Pill putting you at risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)?

    Scare stories in the headlines this year have made many women question their method of contraception, but how high is your risk of DVT really, and how can you lower it?

    It's so much part of our lives and choices today that when something goes wrong, we're shocked. But all women should be aware of the risks they're taking in the form of the contraceptive pill - and one of them is Deep Vein Thrombsis (DVT).

    Before you get worried, the pill is brilliant. It's transformed women's lives and given us the freedom of our bodies to have sex and to have families as and when we want. It's safe and rigorously tested. But like any medication, it has side effects and risks.(REX)

    The pills GPs have warned carry a slightly higher risk of blot clots, which can lead to DVT, are the newer, 'third generation' contraceptive pills - including common brands Yasmin, Marvelon and Femodene. This is because the oestrogen in these pills makes blood slightly more likely to clot. Dianette is now only prescribed as an acne medication despite previously being also for birth control because the risk was deemed too high.

    But these pills are popular because many women get on best with them,

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  • Meet The Incredible Woman Who's Still Body Building At 77 Years Old

    One of the world's oldest body builders, Ernestine Shepherd took up body building age 56 to fight depression and is an inspiration to us all

    Most of us look to our retirement as a chance to get off the treadmill, both literally and figuratively, and take life easy in our sunset years. But not this lady.

    Ernestine Shepherd may be 77 years old but her workout schedule puts even the keenest young gym bunny to shape.Ernestine Shepherd working out (Getty)

    Every day the septuagenarian body builder gets up at 2.30am to prepare her egg whites, before going on a quick 10-mile jog with her husband of 55 years, Colin, 83.

    And as if that weren't enough of a dedication to her fitness, she then heads to the gym for a two-hour workout session.

    [Meet the woman who used body building to cure her crippling illness]
    [Protein shakes: Not just for body builders]

    Plus, she follows a strict 1,700 calorie-a-day diet of chicken, vegetables and pulse and washes them all down with bottles of egg whites.

    We may be incredulous but just look at the woman. She's incredible. Not only does she look gorgeous and glow with health, she also credits her dedication to exercise for beating the

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  • Kim Kardashian's Bum Threatened By Jen Selter's Pert Rear

    Kim may have built her career on her backside, but a fitness guru and Instagram star is hot on her cheeks

    Just when you thought bums couldn't get any bigger, an Instagram star steps up and takes on the challenge of everyone's favourite reality TV bottom.

    Yes, for some people Kim Kardashian's kurvy behind will always be the one bum to rule them all, but hot on her heels is pert-bottomed selfie-taker Jen Selter, whose glutes have got Instagram all fired up.(Splash/Instagram)

    Only yesterday, Kim's famous derriere found itself splashed all over the internet as it posed teasingly on the edge of a boat in Thailand.

    But Kim should be wary of sitting too comfortably, because if there's one bum we want to stare at all day, it's probably Jen's.

    Squat lover and all round fitness champion Selter has made a name for herself as the best bum on Instagram, posting snaps of herself - and her perfectly pert cheeks - in a variety of gravity-defying snaps.

    The 20-year-old, from New York City, has had so much attention for her round behind, not to mention the millions of followers she has on Instagram, that she says she can't

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