• 17 Times It Is Totally Acceptable To Whip Out The Prosecco

    Because champagne is for losers

    This week it’s been revealed that the UK may run out of prosecco in as little as two months thanks to a boom in sales of the budget bubbly.

    There's always room for prosecco [Flickr/Laura Thorne]There's always room for prosecco [Flickr/Laura Thorne]

    While this is utterly depressing news, the popularity of the Italian sparkling wine comes as no surprise to us here at Yahoo.

    We can’t think of any situation that wasn’t improved by the addition of a glass of prosecco. In fact, we’ve thought of a number of times when a glass of the good stuff was damn near mandatory.

    1. The first day of bare legs season. Ladies, you know what we’re talking about.

    2. Before your graduation/wedding/first date to get rid of any nerves.

    3. When you want to play a drinking game but you're far too old for Tesco own brand chardonnay.

    4. When you get a redundancy pay out from a job you HATED.

    5. Fitting into that pair of skinny jeans you bought five years ago.

    6. Throwing out those skinny jeans you bought five years ago because your life’s happiness cannot be determined by a pair of Topshop trousers.

    7. When you’ve just been for

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    By Naomi Rowland, Two Shoes One Pair

    Its official, Holiday Season has started! Even if that isn’t particularly apparent in the British weather, it certainly is on the high street with holiday buys and bargains a plenty to be had. Whether you’re jet setting off to some amazing Mediterranean beach or opting for a stay-cation in the beautiful depths of Cornwall, we’ve got you covered (up!) in our SS15 Holiday Picks!


    H&M Black Swimsuit - Triangl Bikini - She Made Me Crochet Bikini - Zara Fringed Bikini Top -  Topshop Pineapple Bikini - Zara Embroidered Top - Zara Stripe Swimsuit

    If you’re like us, a new bikini is always the first on the shopping list! The right swimwear can give you mountains of confidence on the beach/in the pool, so finding the perfect one for you can be stressful.
    With a few years experience under our definitely NOT tie strings, we have finally learnt what works and what doesn’t, shop our top picks above! 



    Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner - Lush

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  • There Are 38 New Emojis Coming NEXT YEAR!

    Brace yourself, avocados, owls and selfies will all be available as mini additions to your texts

    Brace yourselves, it's the moment we've all been waiting for - Unicode are releasing 38 brand new emojis next year.

    After the excitement of the recent additions and emoji being the fastest growing language, the people at Apple have finally listened to our cries for Owls, Advocados and Clinking Champagne Glasses.

    So Unicode, who create said drawings of joy, have released a list of 38 new emojis that are due for release in June 2016 - and two of the designs YAHOO PROPOSED are on there, designed by our illustrator Simon Gould.

    The 38 brand new emoji designs.The 38 brand new emoji designs.

    The full list of emojis due out next year:

    Face with cowboy hat
    Clown face
    Nauseated face
    Rolling on the floor laughing
    Drooling face
    Lying face
    "Call me" hand
    Raised back of hand
    Left-facing fist
    Right-facing fist
    Hand with first and index finger crossed
    Pregnant woman
    Face palm
    Man dancing
    Man in tuxedo
    Mother Christmas
    Wilted flower
    Motor scooter
    Octagonal sign
    Clinking glasses - Yahoo Lifestyle's design!
    Black heart

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  • 26 IKEA Fails That Will Make You Want To Crush Their Meatballs

    Even the mini ice creams don't make it worth it when it goes this wrong. And the Billy bookcase isn't even that good.

    IKEA is like actual heaven on earth. For some people. For others, it's where happiness goes to die.

    For the latter, even making it to IKEA is a nightmare (especially if you don't have a car), but then you get home - if you've managed to get all your stuff on the bus/in your car to avoid the £35 delivery charge - and the nightmare starts again.

    Where is the final screw? Why are the holes the wrong way around? Why is this table not a table? There's even a special place reserved in hell for the slats on every IKEA bed.

    1. When you miscalculate where the railings should go on every drawer-containing IKEA piece ever.

    Copyright [Instagram]Copyright [Instagram]

    Copyright [Instagram]Copyright [Instagram]

    Copyright [Instagram]Copyright [Instagram]

    2. When you make it to the end of the instruction manual and realise you've been building the wrong thing. 

    Copyright [Instagram]

    3. When you've risked your life and sanity to get your Kullen chest of drawers and it's out of stock.

    Copyright [Instagram]

    4. When IKEA gives you two of the same chair, but one is for your childhood self.

    Copyright [Instagram]
    Copyright [Instagram]

    5. When you've made it to the end, only to be left totally f***ed over by your IKEA chair.

    Copyright [Instagram]


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  • Some Student Animators Have Done Something Awesome With Taylor Swift's Shake It Off Video

    This is what happens when clever digital students with their mesmerising minds do awesome things

    What can you do with a Taylor Swift video when you're a super talented animator?

    Taylor Swift, rotoscoped.Taylor Swift, rotoscoped.

    We're not going to add some ironic guesses here, as we actually don't know what those mystic people are capable of, but what we DO know is that adding tentacles to Taylor's arms is one of the many things they can do.

    And a team of 49 students from the University of Newcastle have decided to do just that.

    Those clever Northeners have created a mindf*** of a mashed-up Shake It Off video, using "rotoscoping" (which means tracing over a video frame-by-frame - says Wikipedia) throwing in some rabbit ears, robots, donkeys and octopus tentacles to Taylor's video, which has obvs now done the rounds on social.

    Watch and enjoy so you can share it before all your friends get the chance.

    [ Taylor Swift Parties With One Direction, But WHERE Is Harry Styles ]
    [ Katy Perry's BFFs Have Hit Back At Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' Video ]

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  • 19 Amazing Famous Buildings & Celebrity Houses On Airbnb

    Who doesn't want to take a selfie in Charles Dickens' former home?

    If there's one amazing thing to come out of Airbnb (apart from its general awesomeness), it's having access to some of the most exclusive and historically enriched homes across the globe.

    And while it's great being able to visit Charles Dickens' house on one of London's infamous Open House Weekends, it's not quite the same as sleeping within those same walls.

    From Kurt Cobain's former New York apartment to Jimi Hendrix's former holiday getaway and Ava Gardner's 1940's residence, there really are some incredible places to stay around the world.

    1. Julie Andrews' home, aka The Rubber House - Accord, New York, £328 per night.

    Copyright [Airbnb]Copyright [Airbnb]

    2. Denzel Washington, Jimmy Page and Jan Michael Vincent's former home - Malibu, California, £322 per night.

    Copyright [Airbnb]Copyright [Airbnb]

    3. Jimi Hendrix's 'Gingerbread House', where he stayed in the 1970s to film Rainbow Bridge - Maui, Hawaii, £108 per night.

    Copyright [Airbnb]Copyright [Airbnb]

    4. Ava Gardner and Artie Shaw's house in the 1940s - Burbank, California, £56 per night.

    Copyright [Airbnb]Copyright [Airbnb]

    5. Mickey Rooney's former home - Topanga Canyon,

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  • In terms of laughable PR fails, ‘The Ultimate Guide to Life’ has got to be this week’s winner right?

    If you’ve no idea what I’m talking about, congratulations.

    You are both in the one per cent whose lives are not governed by the Facebook overlords, plus you’ve been spared from a rather nauseating marketing stunt.

    [Amigo Loans][Amigo Loans]

    To maintain a healthy level of ignorance, stop reading now…

    This week, Amigo Loans proved that some companies will do just about anything to a) grab your attention and b) play on your insecurities just enough to make you consider using their services.

    Thanks to Twitter though, the joke is on them.

    ‘The Ultimate Guide To Life’ is an infographic, created by the lending company, which appears to show at which age we ought to be hitting a number of major milestones.

    [Amigo Loans][Amigo Loans]

    To make matters worse, they’ve coupled it with their handy ‘Guide to Life’ quiz, which lets you assess for yourselves just how miserably you are measuring up against everyone’s expectations.

    Naturally, for a campaign

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  • 11 Homemade Versions of Your Favourite Chocolates

    Homemade is always better than store-bought, right?

    Ever wished you could just bake up a batch of your favourite chocolate bar?

    Well, luckily for us, super talented food bloggers have been busy recreating these 11 home-made versions of our favourite chocolate treats…

    Sea Salted Fruit and Nut Chocolate Bark(Alaska From Scratch)(Alaska From Scratch)
    The idea is the same - rich chocolate with dried fruit and nuts set in it - but this one, from the blog Alaska From Scratch, has a twist. There are dried cherries, ginger and almonds, and then all that sweetness is given an edge with a sprinkling of sea salt.

    Homemade Walnut Whips(The Crazy Kitchen)(The Crazy Kitchen)
    If you didn’t know better, you’d think that Walnut Whips would be really tricky to recreate at home. I mean, how do you get all that fluffy stuff inside the chocolate shell? Luckily for us, Helen from The Crazy Kitchen has cracked it with this incredible home-made ‘cheat’s’ version.

    Homemade Jaffa Cakes(Kimberly Cun)(Kimberly Cun)
    Kimberly Low decided to make her own version of these chocolate-orange biscuits, inspired by the original. Check out the recipe, along with step by step photos

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  • The sun is shining, the skies are getting bluer and it’s time to start dusting off our hats and pashmina’s because wedding season is coming! Whether it’s a white wedding or a glamourous garden party you’re heading to, here are our top summer-inspired buys for that special occasion

    By Zoe Dubs, FaceValueBeautyBlog.co.uk

    What To Wear?

    This ASOS Prom Dress In Rose And Forget Me Not Print is super dreamy and romantic. The perfect mix of girly and pretty, it would look amazing with a tan. It’s demure enough for weddings, but fun enough for the party afterwards too. 

    You won’t be able to resist twirling around in this one. Just save it for the dancefloor…

    Or how about this ladylike pencil dress? It’s super smart and chic from the front, with a bit of saucy exposure via the cut-out back. Lined with lace, it’s possibly the prettiest cut-out I’ve seen in a while and easily concealed in the church.

    Somewhere in the middle is this Embroidered Skate Dress. The pockets make it modern and not too

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  • Some people get excited about the new fashion and accessories the warmer weather brings, but we get excited about the new products that have hit the beauty shelves this week.

    Take a peak at this week’s latest beauty, hair and makeup releases.

    By Annie Amusu; Epiphannie A


    As swimming with the mermaids isn’t an activity yet; as explorers have only managed to explore 5% of the ocean, the new Makeup Revolution Mermaids Forever Palette - £8 via Makeup Revolution - is the next best thing. This aquatic palette contains 32 mesmerising shades encased in a sleek black palette, comes complete with a full size mirror and can be used to recreate almost any look you want.


    Inspired by the 70s prints, denim flares and suede skirt seen on the Spring/Summer catwalks, Nails Inc have created the Luxe Boho collection – £15 via Nails Inc – to act as the perfect accessory to your summer look.

    With names like Primrose Hill Walk, Portobello Crescent and Notting Hill  Lane, these 3 special effect nail

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