BINTM's Jessica on *that* nude shoot and working with supermodel Jourdan Dunn

The latest girl to be axed from the models' mansion talks naked shoots, crazy masks and her modelling idol Cara Delevingne

This week's BINTM was all about confidence - walking the walk and flashing the flesh.

Jess Patterson's amazing barnet was tamed for the sultry nude shoot

The 12 models-in-training had their first taste of go-sees - kinda like the modelling version of cold-calling, except the product is you, the sales pitch is walking up and down and the customer is a world-famous fashion designer.

Easy, right? Not according to Jessica Patterson, the latest lady to be sent packing from the model mansion.

"I had been expecting some sort of runway prep or teaching before these tasks," admits Jess. "But we just had to go in there and walk."

The girls had to walk for Ben de Lisi and Daniel Lismore, head of Sorapol fashion house - two designers with very different styles.

Jess was chosen to model a rather unusual outfit, which included a full face mask.

"When he gave me the mask I felt like I was able to become a character and just model the outfit," explains Jess.

[The lucky girls from BINTM get up close and personal with Olympian Louis Smith and his pommel horse]

"But every time I tried to walk it was just 'No, no, no'. And with every 'no' I got more stressed out but at least no-one could see me freaking out under the mask!"

"I was really disappointed that I didn't perform well for Daniel because I love that avant-garde style."

If the girls found walking around in designer dresses tough then surely a half-naked photo shoot on a freezing British beach would be easy right? (Insert evil baddie movie laugh here)

Armed with nothing but a pair of jeans and their sassiest pout, the girls were paired with topless male models for their sexiest shoot yet.

"The nakedness completely took me by surprise!" laughs Jess.

"We knew it was going to be some kind of nude shoot but then they added on a beach, that it was topless and with a half-naked male model. It was one surprise after another."

Supermodel Jourdan Dunn was on hand with expert advice for the ladies during their topless shoot

The final surprise was a very special guest on the shoot, none other than catwalk model and all-round stunner, Ms Jourdan Dunn!

"I was speechless when I saw that bobble hat coming across the beach - she was amazing!" says Jess.

"I hadn't been that confident with the shoot," admits the 19-year-old, "but having Jourdan there, it felt like 'Oh well if I go, at least I've met Jourdan Dunn!'"

Naomi, Laura and Lauren came alive in all their nakedness with Naomi winning Picture of the Week for a ridiculously hot photo that we wouldn't mind having blown up into a poster. Seriously, can we do that?

Alas, the news wasn't so good for Sophie, Holly, Abi and Jess who found themselves in the bottom four.

Time was up for the lovely Jess and her awesome barnet but pretty much everyone was gutted to see her go - even Tyson!

We chatted to the animation student from Dublin about her modelling icons, fave judges and where she fits in with this new wave of models, lead by Ms Cara Delevingne.

Jess' favourite shoot was posing for a mock Company cover

"I aspire to be Cara - she's my complete modelling idol," admits Jess whose unique style and dressed down look reminds us a lot of the ubiquitous Ms D.

"Cara really looks like she could be a friend of yours who just happens to be a model," says Jess, explaining her universal appeal. "She's that the girl that everyone wants to be friends who has amazingly cool clothes."

Choosing her favourite judge on the other hand is a bit tougher for Jess.

"Dannii was really kind and supportive," she says. "She gave some great input from a designer's point of view."

"Tyson is genuinely lovely and wanted to make sure you were comfortable on set."

"Just being in the same room as Elle was amazing. I can't pick a favourite!"

As for her favourite designers, Jess prefers the British fashion houses.

"I absolutely love Burberry and I adore Alexander McQueen. They're my two dream designers to work for so if they're looking…"

Join us next week when we'll be live tweeting episode five of BINTM, 9pm Sky Living.

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