Beyoncé's trainer reveals her workout tips

Jay-Z's wife reportedly does 200 crunches three times a week according to her PT

Beyoncé's trainer Marco Borges has discussed her approach to exercise, fitness and dieting.

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She recently flashed her toned abs amidst rumours of a second pregnancy, but that hasn't stopped the star from staying in shape.

Marco Borges told Heat magazine: "Beyoncé likes to get in there, get a great workout and get out. She's very driven... there's no complaining. She's the kind of person who's always in search of optimum wellness - she just wants to be healthy."`

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He also said that she has been targeting her midriff, doing 200 crunches three times a week.

A source added that the star has never been happier, saying: "She's so thrilled. She's never had abs like the ones she has now and just loves that her stomach is rock-solid. Bey has a healthy diet, but she also loves treats , like wine and Southern soul food.

"But recently she's completely stripped back her diet and got rid of the carbs. She used to eat pasta or Thai curry before a show to give her energy, but now it's all about protein and high-fat foods."


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