Best yoga apps

Best yoga apps

For the daily desk worker: Office Yoga

Price: £0.69 from iTunes.  iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Get fit while you sit, with Office Yoga, designed to banish stress and tone the body - even as you work.

On days when grabbing your mat and rushing to a class is simply not possible, this fun and easy-to-follow guide arranges exercises around your day. From waking stretches to commuter exercises, Office Yoga shows you how to work out - without scaring your colleagues.

Taught by renowned teacher Darrin Zeer, the exercises are appropriate for both beginners and yoga buffs.

Best yoga apps

For the yoga geek: Yoga Quiz Cards

Price: £1.24 from iTunes. iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

Use this app to help broaden your yoga vocabulary. Some 120 fundamental yoga poses are presented as simple flash cards, with the option to learn the names in English or Sanskrit, whilst a comprehensive study centre feature allows you to revise the names to improve your quiz scores.

It's straightforward and informative, and great if you want to talk the talk as well do the poses. So next time your yogi asks you to do the ‘Urdhva Prasarita Eka Padasana’, you'll be able to drop straight into the move, right?

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Best yoga apps

For the Ashtanga enthusiast: Ashtanga Yoga

Price: £1.99. Available in Android and iPhone versions.

Michael Gannon studied in India with Ashtanga yoga founder Sri K Pattabhi Jois, and his Ashtanga yoga app is definitely one for purists. You'll find a wide range of poses and fast-paced routines that are guaranteed to make you sweat.

Michael guides you through the moves with video explanations and there's a choice of beginner or intermediate commentary. Photos clearly illustrate the poses, and there's an introductory section for newbies that offers great guidance.

We love the opening and closing mantras for practice, so you can chant along and enjoy having your very own one-on-one yoga expert in the palm of your hand.

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Best yoga apps

For slimmers: Trudie Styler’s Weight Loss Yoga

Price: £10.49. iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Trudie Styler’s Weight Loss Yoga by GAIAM app offers a choice of four different workouts with varying weight loss approaches, including strength-building and posture improvement, along with healthy eating tips and recipes.

The two-week weight loss plan is a brilliant bonus feature that allows you to shed the pounds fast too. Perfect if you've got a pre-holiday or special event shape-up crisis.

Best yoga apps

For the early bird: Yoga in Bed

Price: £2.99. iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Start the day feeling revitalised and invigorated with some gentle morning yoga - from the comfort of your bed.

For those of you who can’t face the gym first thing, this app provides a choice of stretches and postures, with 10 instructional videos to guide you.

The app is ideal for yoga newbies who are looking to break into yoga the gentle way. We loved doing the exercises in our pyjamas.

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Best yoga apps

For DiY yoga: Yoga Studio

Price: £1.49. iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch and iPad

A simple, fuss-free interface makes Yoga Studio the perfect comprehensive yoga app. Choose from more than 16 hours of readymade video classes, filtering by level and duration.

We love how easy and intuitive this app is to use. You can get creative by making your own bespoke class, choosing from 260 moves and using the ‘smart-link’ feature which teaches you how to move from one pose to the other with fluidity.

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Best yoga apps

For relaxation: Universal Breathing – Pranayama

Price: £2.99. iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Universal Breathing – Pranayama is your ultimate stress-reducing yoga app. Many yoga classes don't devote much time to exploring optimal breathing and relaxation techniques, so use this app to practise at home.

The animated graphics help you visualise your breathing, while a timer shows the length of each breathing phase. As you progress through the sessions, you'll gradually reduce your breathing rate to finish feeling relaxed and tension-free, with five different music styles to guide you. 

Tara Stiles yoga app

For experienced practitioners: Authentic Yoga with Deepak Chopra and Tara Stiles

Price: £1.49. iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Yoga master Tara Stiles has got together with guru Deepak Chopra to bring us this comprehensive yoga app, which offers a selection of poses and routines for developing strength, balance, and flexibility. Choose to follow a lesson or class, or build your own routine from the moves on offer.

A useful option is the choice of whether to perform your moves with the voice of Chopra giving ongoing guidance or run the app on silent.

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