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For anyone who's British, there's nothing quite like a daily fix of your favourite cuppa. But there's such a wide array of tea to choose from, all offering different benefits. How do you know which one to pick?

Here's our pick of the best of the brews: teas which are super-healthy, energising and relaxing. Even better, drink tea if you feel a cold or flu coming on: filled with antioxidants, these teas will fight away the virus and you'll feel relief in no time.

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white tea

White tea

Pair with: chicken and grilled veg

From jasmine to peony, white tea comes in countless varieties and has more antioxidants than its green and black friends because it's harvested earlier. Team it with light dishes that don't overwhelm its mild flavour.

Studies show that white tea can thin the blood and improve artery function. It's also been discovered that if you drink two or more cups of white tea a day, you are almost 50% less likely to die after suffering a heart attack.

Not only that, but this super-cleansing tea is a natural killer of bacteria and viruses, guarding against the common cold and flu. What more could you ask from a cuppa?

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olive leaf tea

Olive leaf tea

Pair with: fruit and puddings

Made from the dried leaves of (you guessed it) olive trees, this packs a vitamin C and antioxidant punch. Its slightly sweet flavour makes it ideal to serve iced with honey.

Olive leaf tea provides a soothing, relaxing, gently mellow herbal brew. The benefits of olive leaves are nothing new, as they were used in the past for treating severe fevers and malaria.

Oleuropein, found in the olive leaf, is effective at lowering blood pressure as well as increasing blood flow. There is an active ingredient from olive leaf tea called elenolic acid which is very effective at inhibiting viruses from growing - including the common cold. This tea will have you fighting fit in no time.

Mirabilia Organic Olive Leaf Tea, £4.69 for 30g

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Yunnan golden bud tea

Pair with: lamb, beef and game

Known for its spicy notes, this antioxidant-packed brew can be served with or without milk. It's full-bodied enough to hold its own next to meaty meals. It's a Chinese, black tea and when infused, the bright golden buds darken to a deep red, creating a rich amber tea with an exceptionally smooth, honey, malty flavour. Yunnan golden bud tea is full-bodied enough to hold its own next to meaty meals.

This tea promotes digestive health, reduces stress and is effective at revitalising and invigorating the senses.

Yunnan Golden Bud Loose Tea, £12.75 for 50kg

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matcha powder

Matcha tea

Pair with: salads, seafood and soft cheeses

Made by grinding Japanese green tea into a fine powder, matcha packs a whopping six times more antioxidants than goji berries and nine times more betacarotene than spinach. It has the same earthy flavour as your average green cuppa.

Matcha tea exceeds the nutritional value of green tea because when you drink matcha you ingest the whole leaf, not just the brewed water. One glass of matcha is the equivalent of 10 glasses of green tea in terms of its antioxidant content. Super healthy matcha is also a fat burner, so the perfect tea if you're trying to lose weight. Think relaxation and de-stressing too, as well as one more benefit: this superpowder is also a cancer-fighter.

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oolong tea

Oolong tea

Pair with: cured meats, shellfish and salty cheeses

Expect a floral taste from light varieties, such as Tie Kwan Yin, and a smoky, sweeter flavour from darker Oolong like Wuyi rock. The taste is strong and refreshing, but the best part? Oolong stimulates your nervous system, thus boosting your metabolism. Yep, we're talking weightloss again.

More than that, though, oolong tea can help combat skin ageing and soothe eczema and rashes. Lowering the risk of heart disease and cancer are more of its fantastic properties. Get the kettle on - is there nothing this tea can't do?

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