The top 10 cities in the UK for flirting

Londoners are the most flirtatious of Brits, closely followed by Brummies and Mancunians

The best place to live in the UK if you enjoy a spot of flirtatious banter is London, where the average number of flirty message sent on flirtXchange is 22 per day. That’s compared with Walsall, West Midlands, where users only muster up a paltry six saucy messages per day.Men in London are the best flirts, but Northerners have the edge over the South ©Rex

The top 10 flirty cities are:
1.    London
2.    Birmingham
3.     Edinburgh
4.    Sheffield
5.    Dundee
6.    Leeds
7.    Leicester
8.    Newcastle
9.    Glasgow
10.   =Belfast
10.   =Nottingham

The Scots prove to be a flirty bunch, with both Edinburgh and Dundee making it into the top five. And it seems Northerners trump soft Southerners on the flirt front - all of the cities in the top 10 bar London are north of Birmingham.

The survey by flirtXchange, a smartphone app where users connect with strangers through a messaging service, shows that we all love a good flirt. Currently there are 21,000 saucy messages exchanged between flirters around the country and the star award for most flirtatious has to go to the anonymous Londoner who sends an average of 72 a day!

Derek Byrne, CEO of flirtXchange said: “Some are looking for love, but others just love the thrill of flirting. Flirting is harmless fun and has been around forever, but we Brits are often shy about approaching an attractive stranger in a bar or on the train.”

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