Best fitness apps

Nike Training Club app

Nike Training Club by Nike Inc

For iPhone, iPod touch and iPad; free

This training app is a personal trainer for you anytime, anywhere. There are 60 custom-built workouts to target all areas of your body ranging from broad 45 minute, to focused 15-minute workouts. The app also includes workouts from top class athletes and celebrity personal trainers.

Massively popular, this app comes highly recommended.

Separately, O2 has teamed up with Nike to launch the Priority Sports Club fitness app. It combines the popular Nike+Running app with a host of extra exclusives including advanced access to products launches, invitations to exciting events and running clubs and the ability to connect with other fitness fanatics.

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Abs Workout App

Ab Workouts by Feel Free Apps

For iPhone, iPod touch and iPad; free

Update your arsenal of belly-blasting moves. This app includes hundreds of exercises and lets you create bespoke six-pack workouts. The workouts are simple and effective and there's also your own e-trainer to keep you motivated. As well as exercises to tone your abs the app has a section on healthy foods to assist in burning the fat.

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Sports tracker app

Sports Tracker by Sports Tracking Technologies Ltd

For iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android; free

Sports tracker is an app that tracks and analyses your performance and lets you share your workout data and photos with your friends through Facebook and Twitter. There is a workout diary for you to keep track of your progress. There are also maps and time and distance calculators, and a feature that allows you to discover new routes worldwide whether it’s for walking, running, swimming or cycling.

iMuscle App

iMuscle by, LLC

For iPhone, iPod touch and iPad; £1.49

This app uses 3D technology to identify individual muscles and access the exercises associated with the development / rehabilitation of that muscle. This is great if you want to focus on building up specific parts of your body. It’s also a great way to learn about the muscles in the body if you are unsure which the best exercises are for you.

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Pocket Yoga App

Pocket Yoga by Rainfrog, LLC

For iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android; £1.99

This app guides you through all of the moves to make up an effective yoga session. There are 27 different sessions that vary in difficulty levels and durations. If you are worried about losing track half-way through a move, there is visual and spoken guidance throughout, plus a dictionary to help you with the language of each pose and the benefits of it.

Strava app

Strava Run and Strava Cycle

For iPhone and Android; free but upgrade to premium is also available

Strava Run and Strava Cycle are two great apps if you’re looking for motivation to go further, get faster and train harder. Use its built-in GPS to track your session, monitor your progress and then begin to compete with yourself and other Strava users. Data is sent automatically to and you can also sync your results with your Garmin device.

Tap the app to locate routes in your local area and preview the performance of other users completing the trails. Record your attempts and work your way to the top of the leaderboard.

ab workout app

Ab Workout

iPhone, iPad, iPod: free

If your aim is a Jess Ennis-style stomach, tone up with the help of the Ab Workout app. Start slowly with their ‘easy toning’ program and work your way up to tackle ‘get ripped’, ‘boot camp’ and ‘hard handles’. 

The app provides easy-to-follow diagrams and advises you on reps, sets and rhythm for each program.

Sign up and, via email, you’ll also receive abs training tips to keep you on the straight and narrow.

The free version is a great introduction for beginners and once you’ve got the basics down you can upgrade your app for some extra ab-blitzing exercises.

Fitness Buddy Pro app

Fitness Buddy Pro

iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad; £0.69

Are you sitting on the mat feeling a little bamboozled? Or does your body simply no longer respond to that same old fitness regime? Expand your exercise repertoire with Fitness Buddy Pro.

We love the comprehensive exercise list and the ability to search for an exercise by body part. You can tap the cool full-body muscle map to launch a database of moves and how-to diagrams.

Although there’s some handy built-in workouts, creating your own schedule makes this app the ultimate personal trainer for your mobile – minus any 'motivational' shrieking in your ear.



iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad; free

Top-rated running app (see also MapMyRide for cyclists, plus MapMyHike and MapMyWalk) that simply ticks all the boxes for outdoors exercise. Log your pace, distance, calories as well as plan routes and check them back afterwards. A must for runners. MapMyRun

The Workout Trainer

The Workout Trainer

iPhone, iPod touch and iPad; free

Choose your workout, the body part you want to target and fitness level then get going. Moves are demonstrated by photos showing each move in different poses - thousands of different workouts so no chance of getting bored.

Simple and easy to use.

Daily Cardio Workout

Daily Cardio Workout

iPhone, iPod touch and iPad; free

Limited workouts on the free version of this app, but certainly enough to throw into the mix. Choose this and a couple of other free fitness apps and there's certainly enough to keep you interested.

Choose your workout length, pick a routine - and you're off. Moves are demonstrated in real-time videos, so you know to keep going while the model is still working out, plus you can use your own playlist.