Best body strength bar moves

Strength Bar Moves

Why do we love our strength bars (£20 Well, they tone your arms, improve balance and work your core - plus roll neatly under the bed when you're done.

Here's how to work yours to the max for a hot body, fast.

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Strength bar move 1
Bent-over row move

For beginners: Bent-over row

Works: upper back, core

The move (aim for 10 reps):

  • Holding the bar with both hands, stand with bent legs and lean forwards until the bar hangs straight down in front of you.
  • Pull the bar up towards your chest.
  • Lower until your arms are straight again to complete the first rep.

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Front Squat
Front squat move

For beginners: Front squat

Works: quads, glutes, hamstrings, core

The move (aim for 10 reps):

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, holding the bar with both hands on top of your chest with elbows facing forwards. Squat down as deeply as you can (keep your heels on the floor).
  • Push back up to standing for one rep.

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Lunge move

For intermediates: Lunge

Works: quads, glutes, core

The move (aim for 15 on each leg):

  • Stand with the bar resting across your shoulders. Take a big stride forwards, sinking down so that your front thigh is parallel to the floor and your rear knee is just off the floor.
  • Push backwards to return to standing. Repeat by alternating your legs until you've done 30 reps.

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V-Sit move

For advanced bar users: V-Sit

Works: core

The move (aim for 10 reps):

  • Lie down with your legs straight and your feet touching the floor, holding the bar with straight arms behind your head.
  • Sit up, simultaneously raising your feet up with straight legs and pulling the bar up towards your feet with your shoulders raised off the floor.
  • Slowly lower back down.

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