Berlin Fashion Week: Weird and wonderful bun hairstyle hits runway

Model reveals bizarre hair bun at Dimitri fashion show in Berlin

Buns of all shapes and sizes have been a big beauty trend that's spanned the seasons.

Yet those on display at Berlin Fashion Week proved not every style is guaranteed to catch on with the masses.

Berlin Fashion Week: Models showed off a bizarre hair bun on the Dimitri runway ©RexModels at the Dimitri Show showed off a bizarre version of the on-trend style, hitting the catwalk with a tightly-wound knot piled right on the front of their heads.

With their locks slicked back tightly underneath, two thick strands of hair were left hanging round the face - creating a rather unusual look with the bun perched almost on their foreheads.

Berlin Fashion Week: The hair bun was a piled-high version meets topknot ©RexIt wasn't just one debuting the look on the runway either, as all models showed off the style for the Greek fashion label.

Their version of the hair bun seemed to be a mixture of two popular hair trends - the topknot and the piled-high style.

But while these two have proved popular with A-listers and fashion followers alike, we can't quite see this look catching on.

Beyonce has been a keen advocate of the piled-high version, posting a series of pictures of her rocking the style both dressed up for a night out and for a more casual day look.

The star prefers to wear hers slicked back and at the top of her head, rather than the messy bun which has also proved to be a key red carpet trend.

Hair trends: Beyonce has been a keen advocate of the bun style Yet while Bey's version was glamorous and easy-to-wear, we can't see the bizarre style seen at the Dimitri show becoming a must-have style for the FROW elite.

Elsewhere at the Dimitri show, the fashion was delicate and flirty in a whole range of autumnal hues.

Models hit the runway in cobalt blue graphic-print mini-skirts and matching polo necks, nude chiffon midi-length prom dresses and green sheer gowns.

Check out some of the weird and wonderful looks on the Berlin Fashion Week runway here and tell us what you think of this hair bun over on Twitter, now.