The ‘Best Workout in the World’ heads to the UK

Highly anticipated exercise plan that burns 1,000 calories an hour set to launch in London for the New Year

If you thought the Insanity Workout was just that, wait until you read about the latest Hollywood exercise fad that’s ready to sweep the nation.

The unassumingly named Barry’s Bootcamp has been around in West Hollywood since 1998 and reportedly has a fanbase that includes Katie Holmes, Jake Gyllenhall, Natalie Imbruglia, Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian.Want a Barry body? This gruelling workout burns a whopping 1,000 an hour! ©Barry's Bootcamp

The workout has been dubbed the ‘best in the world’ and revolves around the basic principal of ‘shocking’ the body with a 1,000 calorie burning workout during a 60 minute class.

Ultra-motivating instructors put participants though 30 minutes of intense interval training using state-of-the-art Woodway treadmills, the kind used by the US navy SEALs and Manchester United FC’s team.

The second half of the class is then dedicated to strength training using free weights, bands and bars. And of course the whole class is set to a motivational soundtrack of high-energy tunes. Plus, it’s all performed in low, nightclub-style lighting.

There are a variety of routines and exercises, so the idea is that you never get bored no matter how often you train. The premise of the workout is that there should be a balance in attention paid to cardio, strength training and flexibility.Katie Holmes and Kim Kardashian reportedly subscribe to the workout ©Rex

And from January, the bootcamp is no longer the privilege of Hollywood, as brothers James and Sandy Macaskill, who first discovered it in 2006, are bringing it to our side of the pond.

 “My girlfriend, an actress in LA, introduced me to Barry’s and I was hooked immediately,” explained James. “As a professional tennis coach, I have always been immersed in a fitness lifestyle but I had never come across a workout like it.  We are incredibly excited to be able to bring it to London.”

After expending all that energy, you can head for a post-workout treatment in the Reboot Room and there’s even a bar where you can refuel with juices, healthy wraps and snacks and protein shakes to encourage muscle repair.

Phew, we’re worn out just thinking about it!

Classes will begin in January 2013 in Central London, priced at £20 per class. Check out Barry’s Bootcamp Facebook for more details.