Backstage at Paris Fashion Week: What's In Model Mackenzie's Makeup Bag

When we spotted model Mackenzie at Loewe hanging out with her mum Stacey, we pulled up a pew amongst the chaos that surrounded us so we could hear about her favourite beauty products!

GD: We love your coat, where's it from?

Mackenzie: Maje, I bought it for my sister but u'm borrowing it!

I can't live without my Clarisonic brush, it cleans away all the nasties, it's a make up remover, cleans my pores. It's the best. GD: we can vouch for that, Mackenzie's skin is flawless!

I have combination skin and Paula's Choice moisturiser is good for me because it feels really thick and nourishing to touch but is so light on the skin so great for my combination skin as I have dry and oily areas. But because it's also sensitive, it never irritates my skin.

I'm currently obsessed with the By Sugar Chapstick (the lip balm) it's clear and super moisturising.

Oh I have to tell you about the Bioderma Suncreen I stock up on when I'm in Paris.  My skin is very sensitive so I have to use special sunscreens so that's my go to in Paris along with Maje of course!

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