American Apparel chooses its 62-year-old model for new lingerie shoot

Jackie O’Shaughnessy has modelled for the clothing brand before but never in her underwear, a departure for the youth-obsessed fashion industry

She might be a sextarian but that doesn't mean she's not sexy. American Apparel's 62-year-old model takes on the lingerie section in a new collection for images.

"Sexy has no expiration date," the company writes in a Facebook post introducing the model, Jackie O’Shaughnessy.Jackie was discovered by American Apparel while minding her own business in New York

O'Shaughnessy has appeared in the company's ads before, though never in lingerie, reports Alyssa Vingan at Fashionista.

The model told Fashionista last year that she was scouted by the retailer while hanging out in the West Village of Manhattan:

"I found a spot on the stoop and sat there smoking in my puffy winter coat and a woman walked by and said, 'You look so regal sitting there smoking that cigarette.' I said, 'Well, I don’t think most people would agree with you these days.' And she answered, 'It’s not the cigarette. You’re just beautiful,'" O'Shaughnessy said.

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She had never modelled before, but enthusiastically accepted an offer to work for American Apparel.

For a company that touts youth as the ultimate, it's quite a statement to be promoting a pensioner in her pants as a face of the company. And we applaud. Ageing is something we're all gonna do, and chances are we'll be wearing pants when we do it.The 62-year-old has modelled for the fashion brand before

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