Introducing the new alcoholic burger you need an ID to buy

Honest Burgers and BrewDog work together to create the BrewBurger: So full of beer you have to be 18 to buy it

Burgers and beers are a popular flavour pairing but two food and drink specialists have taken the much-loved flavours to a whole new level, by infusing the meaty treat with the beer itself.

Called the BrewBurger, the end result is so alcoholic you'll need to remember your ID when you head to the counter.James Watt and Tom Barton with their creation

The burger is the first collaboration between popular burger chain Honest Burgers and Scottish craft beer company BrewDog. Co-founder of BrewDog James Watt and his counterpart at Honest Burgers Tom Barton worked together to dream up the 150g aged beef patty with Comte cheese and bacon, candied with BrewDog's amber ale - 5AM Saint.

It's also topped with beef dripping and onions fried in Punk IPA and a BBQ reduction (made from yet another BrewDog beverage - its Paradox cask-aged Imperial Stout).

We're drooling already.

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And not only is the burger sozzled with a variety of beers, the pair have even created another beer to acompany it - the Bourbon Baby - which is a barrel aged baby scotch ale specially designed to bring out the sweetness of the burger.

And we thought wine was complicated.The BrewBurger, packed with beer and paired with, you guessed it, more!

James said: “It’s the first time a burger has come with an ABV [alcohol by volume], which is pretty cool.”

"Pairing beers with food has become an art form in the craft beer movement, and this project has become a unique challenge as hints of some of our most well-known beers were already present in the burger."

You can try the Brewburger for yourself for a month from March 3rd at all Honest Burgers restaurants and at some BrewDog venues on selected dates. Just don't forget your ID. And a book to read while you wait.


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