Forget expensive toys - the Christmas present children most want this year is...

Christmas isn't just for expensive gifts - its seems what British children want most won't be found under the tree

The gift children most want for Christmas may surprise you.

It isn’t the latest electronic gadget or top rated toy. For children aged between three and 12, a baby brother or sister is top of their Christmas wish lists.
Top 10 most wanted Christmas gifts requested by the kids © Rex

A sibling for Christmas is closely followed in second place by requests for a reindeer and in third, a pet horse - despite the fact that Santa might have trouble squeezing it into a stocking.

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Many children want their parents to splash out on a car for them - even though they are too young to drive, while the fifth most in-demand gift is their very own pet pooch.

Some of the other most wanted gifts that will have you laughing into your mince pie are the moon, a time machine, a pond cover and beetroot, according to the survey by Westfield London and Westfield Stratford City.

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The survey of 2,000 parents found many of the top 50 requests were for pets and goldfish, cats and hamsters all made the list, alongside more unusual pets including elephants and donkeys.

Top 10 Christmas presents, as requested by children:

1.    Baby brother or sister
2.    Reindeer
3.    Horse
4.    Car
5.    Dog
6.    Chocolates
7.    House
8.    Snow
9.    Rock
10.    Dad

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