8 worst celebrity diets

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Celeb diets: do they work?

Sian Porter, consultant dietitian and Spokesperson for the BDA, says, 'Sadly, there is no magic wand you can wave. There is no wonder-diet you can follow without some nutritional or health risk and most are offering a short-term fix to a long-term problem.

'It may be obvious, but if you want to lose weight you need to eat a nutritionally balanced and varied diet with appropriately sized portions and burn off more calories than you consume.

'In short speak, eat fewer calories, make better choices and move a bit more!'

Here are the eight worst celebrity diets, according to the British Dietetic Association.

Jennifer Aniston

1. The Baby Food Diet

The regime: This diet entails eating 14 jars of pureed food or baby food every day, or mostly pureed food or baby food and one adult meal, or pureed food or baby food instead of snacks.

BDA Verdict: This diet works on portion control and restricted calories. Although fruit and veg are included, they are pureed so have much less fibre and texture. Chewing food is associated with feelings of fullness and satisfaction, so reach for an apple or a carrot rather than a jar.

Celebrity Fans: Lady Ga Ga, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston are reportedly fans of this diet.

Demi Moore

2. Raw Food Diet

The regime: This diet involves eating raw uncooked food and non-pasteurised/non-homogenised dairy products. This diet can be used by vegans and meat eaters.

BDA Verdict: A raw diet can be low in fat and calories but can also be low in calcium, vitamin D, iron, zinc, and protein. Many foods can only be eaten cooked, like rice, pasta, bread, potatoes, beans and pulses, so these are excluded. The diet is unsuitable for pregnant women, children and other at risk groups. For those who use meat in a raw diet, they put themselves at risk of food poisoning and gastroenteritis.

Celebrity fans: Demi Moore, Natalie Portman and Woody Harrelson are reportedly fans of this diet.

Courteney Cox

3. Blood Group Diet

The regime: This diet claims that different nutrients are broken down in the body based on the body's blood type.
Blood Group A - No dairy products allowed and a vegetarian-based diet.
Blood Group B - A more varied intake of food and the only blood group able to 'manage' dairy products.
Blood Group AB - Combination of diets A and B (yes or no to dairy?)
Blood Group O - High meat intake, no dairy, no wheat, no grains.

BDA Verdict: Cutting out food groups is never a good idea (unless medically advised to do so and with help making substitutions from a dietitian). This diet could lead to significant deficiencies such as calcium. You lose weight on this diet because your calorie intake is very restricted and this diet is not sustainable in the long term.

Celebrity Fans: Cheryl Cole, Sir Cliff Richard and Courtney Cox-Arquette are reportedly fans of this diet. 


4. Alcorexia/Drunkorexia Diet

The regime: For this diet people eat very few calories during the day/week, saving the calories instead to binge-drink on alcohol.

If you favour a very low calorie diet (VLC), you could be banking around 1,500 calories a day, which then gives you 10,500 calories to drink across a week. This amounts to 131 glasses of red wine, or 26 bottles (based on a glass of red being around 80 kcals). When you consider that a single glass contains one unit, this gives you a weekly alcohol intake of 131 units.

The recommended safe weekly alcohol unit intake is 28 units for men and 21 units for women.

BDA Verdict: Following a VLC diet will not provide you with the calories, vitamins and nutrients your body needs to survive and function. In addition, you will feel weak, tired have no energy and will become very irritable very soon. Alcohol has little nutrition other than calories. To do this in order to 'bank' your calories so you can go and use them on alcohol could easily result in alcohol poisoning and even death.

Celebrity Fans: It is widely thought that many top models and other celebrities are fans of this diet.

Jennifer Lopez

5. The Dukan Diet

The regime: The four-phase Dukan Diet starts off with a protein-only approach that promotes weight loss of around 7lb per week.

The BDA receives more inquiries about the benefits and efficacy of the Dukan Diet than any other diet, probably due to its current popularity, which is why it makes this list, although millions of followers swear it works.

BDA Verdict: This works on restricting foods, calories and portion control. Once again, cutting out food groups is not advisable. This diet is confusing, very rigid and even Dr Dukan himself warns of the associated problems like lack of energy, constipation and bad breath.

Dukan says: 'To brand the Dukan Diet -  which has helped thousands, if not millions of people around the world, over 30yrs,  battle obesity -  the faddiest diet,  is utter rubbish. The BDA's only criticism of the Dukan Diet is that it's 'confusing, time-consuming [and] very rigid' - some would say this is a very necessary part of changing any sort behaviour pattern.'

Celebrity fans: The Duchess of Cambridge (and her mother Carole Middleton), Jennifer Lopez and Gisele Bundchen are reportedly fans of this diet.


6. The 6 Weeks to OMG Diet

The regime: Exercise first thing in the morning after drinking black coffee, then sit in a cold bath to encourage the body to burn stored fat as it tries to keep warm, and delay breakfast til 10am. Ditch fruit, except for one piece a day, maximum, quit snacking and load your plate with protein; it doesn’t matter if carbs come from broccoli or cola.

Celebrity Fans:  A-list celebrities, according to the diet’s author Venice A Fulton 

BDA Verdict:  OMG indeed!  Six weeks of hell and isolation more like it. Seriously, who has the time, let alone the energy to follow this diet? Guilty of being selective with research rather than a balanced view,  many people’s routine could not accommodate this, and a healthy breakfast and exercise should be encouraged to fit in. The ‘rules’ and competitive dieting element encourage extreme behaviour. Support from friends and family is an important part of weight loss, as is taking a long term approach. And what about the other 46 weeks of the year?

Celebrity Fans:  A-list celebrities, according to the diet’s author Venice A Fulton.


7. ‘Party Girl’ IV Drip Diet

The regime: People who are feeling rundown, are paying hundreds of pounds to have a bag of solution (usually around 250ml) injected, usually including vitamins B and C, magnesium and calcium. These kinds of IV drips were originally used to treat severely malnourished and clinically ill patients.

BDA Verdict:  You must be a bit of a drip to do this. There is very little evidence that this works, even for well people. And if it did, food and drink itself contains packages of nutrients, so surely eating food and drinking water or other healthy drinks is preferable to having an IV drip inserted into your body? This diet also carries possible side effects such as dizziness, infection, inflammation of veins and, ultimately, anaphylactic shock. 

Celebrity Fans:  Rihanna and Simon Cowell are reportedly fans of this diet.


8. The KEN (Ketogenic Enteral Nutrition) Diet

The regime: The KEN involves eating absolutely nothing at all. Instead, for 10 days per cycle a liquid formula is dripped directly into the stomach via a plastic tube that goes up the patient’s nose and is taped on to their face. At the other end of the tube is an electric pump, which works day and night to deliver two litres of the formula over 24 hours.

While on the KEN, dieters can go about their lives as normal but must carry the pump and liquid in a bag or backpack and hang it by their bed at night. They are allowed to unhook themselves from the pump for one hour a day and can drink water, tea, coffee (with no milk, sugar or sweeteners) or sugar-free herb teas with the tube in.

BDA Verdict:  You KEN not be serious!  It is shocking that people are electing to have naso-gastric (NG) tubes inserted in order to lose weight, usually reserved for sick or chronically ill people.  Not only that but one of the side effects is having to take laxatives because this diet provides absolutely no fibre: nice touch!

Celebrity Fans:  It is widely thought that many top models and other celebrities are fans of this diet.

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