Could 50 Shades of Grey be encouraging us to fall for emotionally abusive men?

Clinical psychologist and author Louise Deacon, thinks that books like Fifty Shades...are encouraging unhealthy fantasies towards dangerous and potentially emotionally abusive men. “Just like TwilightFifty Shades...tells the story of a controlling, dangerous man who is turned into a gentle, loving partner all thanks to the heroine’s love,” she explains.
“Characteristics like jealousy and possessiveness as well as controlling your partner’s movements and decisions are all signs of emotional abuse. Books like these – while fun and exciting to read – are glorifying these traits and wrongly identifying men like this as passionate, perfect lovers instead of the dangerous men they really are. 
“It’s particularly worrying for younger readers who are drawing a lot of hopes/ideals about future relationships from what they’re reading, too – books like this label control as a way of feeling protected and loved, which isn’t the case at all. It’s a dangerous myth that controlling, dangerous men like this can be changed solely by ‘falling in love,’ and it’s important to separate sexual fantasies from reality.”
What do you think? Reckon swooning over a Christian Grey-type is a harmless fantasy? Or are you worried your crush on Edward and Jacob is heading down a dangerous path? Does 50 Shades glamorise the dangers of controlling men? Discuss it with us here or read the accompanying feature 'You make me scared' in the September issue of Cosmo, out NOW.
Louise’s book, Twilight, True Love and You: Seven Secret Steps to Finding Your Edward or Jacob is out now 

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