The 3 day tummy trimming diet plan

Us women have always battled the old waistline, but new findings show we're all creeping over the healthy mark and need to get those tummies in check for the good of our health. 

The average waist size for women in the UK is 4.9cm larger than recommended as healthy, the new research has found.

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The survey of 54,000 women carried out by Britain’s largest healthcare charity Nuffield Health shows that the vast majority of women assessed had a waist size in the ‘high health risk’ category.

Not only does this not look great in your bikini, but carrying weight around your middle significantly increases the risk of breast cancer, infertility, not to mention heart and liver disease and type 2 diabetes. Cripes!

So, what’s the key to a trimmer tummy?

Nutritional Therapist, Alison Stork from Nuffield Health recommends a diet that delivers a full range of important vitamins and minerals, which will help keep you full and regulate fat storage.

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Try Alison’s three day tummy trimming plan to kick start that waist weight loss:

Day 1


Porridge with a tablespoon of crushed, mixed seeds (pumpkin, linseed, sunflower)


Vegetable and Lentil Soup


Grilled Salmon with salad and new potatoes


Plain yoghurt with fresh fruit

Day 2


Boiled Egg with a slice of wholemeal toast


Jacket sweet potato with hummus and mixed salad


Stir fry chicken & vegetables with brown rice


Fresh Fruit and a small handful of unroasted, unsalted nuts

Day 3


Fresh fruit with plain yoghurt and a dessertspoon of mixed nuts & Seeds


Sardines on toasted rye or wholegrain bread with grilled tomato and a sprinkle of herbs & green salad


Lentil Dahl with mixed steamed vegetables


Oatcake with cottage cheese

We're on it! Slimmer tummies here we come…

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