2012 Easter egg fashions

2012 Easter egg fashions

Now we need patterns, colours, different sizes, challenging flavours… we're a hard crowd to please. Lovefood takes a look at the top five fashions for 2012. 

1. Puddings


eggChoose your poison: Eton mess, banoffee pie or lemon meringue? All three puds come in egg form thanks to Thorntons, who have chosen to focus on the front of the egg this year. We love the look of lemon meringue, flecked with crunchy meringue pieces. £14.99

Hotel du Chocolat

eggWhat could be better than a posh pudding? A posh pudding in chocolate form, that’s what! Hotel du Chocolat have made mango crème brûlée egglets – with vanilla ganache and fruity mango pieces –, and, like Thorntons, they’ve also gone down the Eton mess route (perhaps inspired by the Jubilee?) £3.50 and £8

2. Jackson Pollock



Graffiti eggs, if you will. There are four in the range and the front of each one is a work of art. Instead of paint, Chokablok uses shortcake pieces, mini marshmallows, honeycomb bites, chewy caramel fudge chunks, chocolate stars… our favourite is The Rocky Road of Love egg – a real mess. £5

Tesco Finest

eggOh Tesco, you have impressed. Belgian white chocolate with strawberry and strawberry pieces, plain chocolate with English Mitchan peppermint (a VERY rare English variety of mint), and milk chocolate with Valencia orange all come with a crazy spiderweb design on the front, revealing the flavour within. £3 or 2 for £5

3. Feminine


eggSorry lads – there are far more lady-friendly eggs on the market this year. The Galaxy Indulgence, which came first in our 2012 Easter egg taste test, comes in a box so feminine it should be wearing heels. Expect dragonflies, pink tulips and butterflies. £5

Hotel du Chocolat

eggPink champagne + chocolate truffles + silk bow = very happy lady. Hotel du Chocolat sure do know what a woman wants, although the fellas wouldn’t say no either. Pink, delicate and understated, it’s one of the most elegant eggs out there this year. £8   

4. Great British

Dairy Milk

eggEveryone’s cashing in on this Olympian Jubilee malarkey. Dairy Milk has gone sporty with a limited edition medal Easter egg, which comes with a Union Jack box and a solid chocolate gold medal. A great idea for the kids, or sling it over your neck for an on-the-go snack. £3.49  


eggThe best Union Jacks are the ones made out of chocolate. A very patriotic Chococo hand-pipes dark chocolates stripes on its white chocolate egg to form the flag, and decorates with dried strawberries and raspberries for extra pizazz. £12.95

5. Make-your-own


eggWhoever came up with the idea of selling a half-finished egg on purpose is a genius. Waitrose’s temper temper egg – available in owl, chicken and rocket shapes – comes with a pot of chocolate and edible cut-out shapes, so you can give your chick its own face. Fun for all the family! £9


eggLet’s take a break from chocolate. ASDA have released a paint-your-own Easter egg kit, so you and the family can spend Easter Sunday decorating eggs meant for omelettes. There are three different designs and it’s an absolute bargain at £2 each.


Have you spotted any Easter egg trends this year? Are you more make-your-own than Great British? Talk to us in the comments box below.


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