'Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model' girls bare all for the nude shoot!

Less was definitely more this week as the BINTM wannabes had to strip down for judge, Dannii Minogue

There was nowhere to hide this week on Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model as the girls took part in the dreaded nude photo shoot.

Laura bared all for the nude shoot and was happy with the result, despite finding herself in the bottom four a …

The final 10 bared all in a stripped down shoot under the watchful eye of judge, Dannii Minogue as the battled to keep their place in the competition.

We caught up with Laura Young, the latest model to get the axe from the model mansion, to ask her for all the backstage gossip.

"I was actually looking forward to the nude shoot," Laura admitted.

"It was a bit nerve-wracking, of course, but because I had done well in the topless shoot on the beach  I thought I could go one further here and maybe get photo of the week."

Laura wasn't the only girl who enjoyed being naked in front of the camera.

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Former wallflower Sarah has gone from strength to strength each week and she couldn't wait to get her kit off.

Alas the same couldn't be said for army girl Emily, who originally claimed to be up for anything and everything.

The 18-year-old spent the day in tears at the prospect of going full-frontal as she admitted she wasn't prepared for it but Laura reckons it could've been worse.

"Doing it indoors and having a female photographer totally helped," claimed the student from Malvern.

"I couldn't have imagined doing a totally nude shoot on the beach."

Before the girls could even get close to stripping, they had to wrangle with some rather awkward accessories on the catwalk.

Emily (right) grappled with a birdcage on her head while Sarah got to grips with some rollerskates during this …

From roller skates to live babies to pampered poodles, the wannabe models had to adapt to some pretty tough conditions to wow the judges.

Emily struggled under the weight of a giant birdcage headpiece while poor Saffron had to drag a truculent pig down the runway.

Unfortunately it wasn't enough to impress the judges and both ladies along with Laura and Naomi found themselves in the bottom four.

"It's really horrible being in the bottom four," Laura said. "I was actually quite delirious at one point."

To make matters worse, the final decision came down to BFFs Emily and Laura guaranteeing tears even before the eliminate was announced.

"Being in the bottom two with Emily was so horrible," says Laura.

"As soon as I found out it was the two of us, I started crying. It didn't matter if it was me or her that went, it would've been bad either way."

In the end it was Laura's time to go but she's not bitter about the whole competition.

Can you spot Saffron's pig themed outfit? Or Angel's extreme chunky knit dress?

"The actual experience was the highlight for me - being picked for something like that was such a huge confidence boost."

"Meeting Emily was another high point," the student admitted.

"Having someone to be able to confide in made the whole experience so much easier and more enjoyable. I'm pretty sure I've made a friend for life there."

As for the future, keep your eyes peeled for Laura as the 19-year-old has no plans to give up on her modelling career.

"I'm absolutely going to continue with modelling - the thing I want most from this experience is to be signed to an agency."

"I would love, love, love to do a make-up campaign - Rimmel would be my ultimate dream."

Join us next week when we'll be live tweeting the next episode of Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model, 9pm, Sky Living.

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